Decorating Trends 2022: You should remember these six interior design styles for this year

Decorating Trends 2022: You should remember these six interior design styles for this yearMore and more furnishing trends are spilling across the world, especially from Scandinavia. In contrast to a few years ago, modern decorating trends are derived from philosophies of life. And you can apply these wonderfully to your home. We’ll tell you which home trends you should definitely remember in 2022 (and probably next year as well).

Friluftsliv – outdoor love from Norway

This Norwegian trend has certainly originated in the course of the corona pandemic. Because translated it means something like “life in the open air”. Not only do the Scandinavians have a very close bond with nature. The past year has also drawn many people around the world out into the open. An evening stroll in the park instead of a beer in the bar after work. A walk in the woods instead of going to the cinema. Friluftsliv stands for a close relationship with nature and should teach us to appreciate it more. So with Friluftsliv we simply bring nature into our four walls.

The most distinctive feature are the many many plants that you can use in this furnishing style. The more the better. In terms of color, the trend is also based on the colors of nature. You should only use natural materials and looks that have been produced in an environmentally friendly way and, ideally, come from regional dealers. Fabrics such as wood, cotton, linen, stone and concrete are ideal for a design à la Friluftsliv. What shouldn’t be missing is the right light. The more natural daylight you can let into your apartment, the better it is for your mind. So tear open the dark curtains and let in the rays of the sun. You can find more information and tips on how to implement the Norwegian decorating trend in your home in our article on Friluftsliv.

Niksen – lazing around from HollandDecorating Trends 2022: You should remember these six interior design styles for this year

This lifestyle encourages lazing around – yes, it is even required. What had a negative connotation for the Dutch years ago has now become a modern philosophy of life. Due to the everyday distractions from cell phones and the like, our mind cannot find a calm balance, for example to stress at work. Niksen counteracts all of this with efficient idleness. Sounds strange at first, but it should actually help. So just put your smartphone away, look out the window and let your thoughts run free. Allegedly, this is also supposed to promote creativity and productivity.

So that you have enough time to Niksen, the basis of this decorating trend is a tidy and structured apartment. After all, while doing nothing you shouldn’t have to think about cleaning the kitchen and clearing away the pile of laundry in the bathroom. Try to organize your household better and make sure not to clutter rooms when designing with accessories. Fully filled rooms create additional unrest and often appear untidy. It’s best to try to create a real small Niksen zone for yourself. It can be any place where you feel really comfortable. A rocking chair, a window sill or just the couch. Check out the Niksen article for more helpful tips on how to set up your lounging facility.

Wabi-Sabi – imperfection from JapanDecorating Trends 2022: You should remember these six interior design styles for this year

Wabi-Sabi has its origins in Zen Buddhism and has practically been anchored in Japanese culture for many centuries. The philosophy deals with the respect and the respect for old things and the satisfaction with what one has. Minimalism and frugality. Away from consumption. Towards simplicity. It’s not about quantity, it’s about quality. And these thoughts can be optimally transferred to a modern living style.

Purism is the absolute catchphrase when it comes to Wabi-Sabi furnishings. Unnecessary things should be mucked out and disposed of. Create space for space and visual calm. Have the courage to go to empty corners and bare walls. Organic shapes find their place on high-quality pieces of furniture that may well have their quirks. Because Wabi-Sabi is not about perfection. Beauty lies in imperfections and the art of appreciating them and living with them. A little more wabi-sabi would certainly do everyone good, especially in this day and age when the new piece of furniture is just a click away. In terms of color and material, this decorating trend also remains natural. You can find out more about Wabi-Sabi in the corresponding article.

Japandi – A perfect combination of Scandinavia and JapanDecorating Trends 2022: You should remember these six interior design styles for this year

Japandi unites trendy furnishing trends from the European north and the Asian east. There is no real attitude to life behind this decorating trend. It’s much more of a fantastic fusion of two very hip styles. Cosiness meets purism and turns your home into an oasis of wellbeing. Japandi’s motto is: less is more. So, unfortunately, even with this trend, you have to clean out and tidy up again. Separate yourself from all the things that you do not need to live. Because not everything makes you happy. More space and emptiness in the room has a liberating and inspiring effect.

Above all, practical and functional pieces of furniture are combined with organic shapes and natural materials. Lots of wood, stone, linen and cotton, but also bamboo and concrete are ideal Japandi companions. You set Japanese accents primarily with black accessories and Asian stoneware, such as handmade plates or bowls. The central color of your room design is white and is complemented by natural tones such as ocher, beige, brown or blackberry. You can find a comprehensive guide to these two types of living in the article Japandi.

Lagom – The Scandinavian balanceDecorating Trends 2022: You should remember these six interior design styles for this year

At Lagom, you should find your right balance. Regardless of the situation in life. It’s not about living in abundance, nor is it about becoming minimalist. Do, enjoy and have everything you want – but in the right measure. Lagom is like a middle ground between hygge and wabi-sabi and therefore perfect for everyone who doesn’t really want to make a decision or who just doesn’t like rooms that are too bare.

As with some other decorating trends before, the question of the real benefit of some things is the top priority with Lagom. There is also the question of functionality or an emotional value. If none of these apply, you should definitely break up. If you want to set up after Lagom, you can make wonderful use of nature’s color palette. Make sure that everything fits harmoniously into an overall concept. The right light is also important. Try to get as much daylight into your rooms as possible and counteract dark corners with indirect light. You can find more furnishing tips for Lagom in the corresponding article in our guide.

Hygge – Danish cosinessDecorating Trends 2022: You should remember these six interior design styles for this year

A slightly older trend, but one that has nothing to do with minimalism or purism. Hygge is the Danish cosiness, where it can be too much of everything. It’s about a harmonious home, bathed in candlelight, sitting at a table with loved ones and enjoying really good food. What makes the decorating trend? A cozy ambience that evokes a real hygge feeling, especially in the cold seasons. Use warm colors, lush green house plants, heaps of candles in all designs and cuddly soft blankets and pillows. You can find more information about the Danish feel-good look in our article on hygge.