Living Room Interior Design Trends In 2024

Living Room Interior Design Trends In 20242021 has forced all of us to spend more time at home, more than ever before. We have all had to understand the implications of living in a comfortable space, but also the importance of having an aesthetically pleasing interior. That is why many are so excited about the interior and design of the living room in 2024.

Considered the nerve center of many homes, the contemporary living room lends itself easily to experimentation and takes on a variety of faces from one home to the next. As interior design evolves, you’re more likely to want to stay up to date with the most innovative ideas than ever before. Therefore, we are going to share with you various inspiring living room decor trends 2024.

Living room interior design 2024: 7 trends

Each new year is accompanied by new decorating trends that are more or less easy to apply to the living room. 2024 trends strives to find beauty in the unexpected, believing that exceptional design is about transformation and creating unforgettable experiences.

Inspired by art, architecture and fiction in the natural world, we infuse every detail with timeless beauty. The 2024 show marks the emergence of a versatile room suitable for both evenings and days of remote work.

Calming living room interior 2024 in Japandi styleLiving Room Interior Design Trends In 2024

Japandi style is an oriental and western trend that combines minimalist and relaxing décor with neutral palettes and natural materials to create a cozy, intimate atmosphere in our living spaces.

Japandi interior design encourages people to live slowly. With huge changes in daily life, many of us have been looking for ways to lead a more balanced lifestyle. One aspect of this trend is reconnecting with nature to improve our overall well-being. This is what we find in living rooms with oak tables, linen tablecloths, terracotta crockery and wood cutlery. Green notes complete the ensemble.

Living room decor trends 2024 make you think about blue skiesLiving Room Interior Design Trends In 2024

Dulux ‘s Color of the Year is a surefire way to spot color trends for the year ahead. In 2024, this color is inspired by blue skies. Right now, people want to feel energized and enjoy their legal freedoms, show consideration, and bring in new ideas.

While neutrals used to be most popular in living rooms, soft and versatile hues like pink and sky blue are making a comeback. Blue is perfect for high traffic areas where you want to create a sense of calm, such as a chaotic family living room.

Blue is one of the colors that requires little or no adjustment to our eyes, which helps create an atmosphere of peace and harmony in the home. This shade is not only soothing, it is also bright, filling the space with life and energy than the more traditional neutral shade.

Living room design 2024: Velvet in rich colorsLiving Room Interior Design Trends In 2024

Luxury and grandeur will continue to be popular, but now they are moving towards luxurious fixtures and accent furniture, and velvet remains an important fabric choice.

As for the upholstery, gray and blush are still in vogue, as are rich navy blues and emerald greens. By purchasing a velvet sofa, you can achieve this. However, if you’re not ready to take the plunge, opting for a velvet cocktail chair or glamorous lamp will allow you to modernize your living room at an affordable price.

Level the floor with original rugs to become part of the 2024 living room decorLiving Room Interior Design Trends In 2024

Hard flooring remains very popular. This means that mats and table runners will make a name for themselves.

The overlap of the two materials provides an additional level of underfoot comfort, allowing you to bring color into the room and limit space, especially in open areas. Come up with big and bold prints with bright colors to create a focal point.

Express yourself with a classic floral patternLiving Room Interior Design Trends In 2024

Classic flowers are making a comeback in living room wallpapers. However, it is not only about sticking to the walls, but also about covering the ceiling.

Small, somewhat traditional floral patterns, such as classic jasmine, bring us back to nature and make us feel protected. Especially when they are taken from the ceiling. For a more modern living room, organic weave wallpaper is the perfect choice, especially when paired with darker woodwork.

Add texture with fabricLiving Room Interior Design Trends In 2024

The trend for this fluffy textile was born in 2020 and is not going to stop. Take this fabric and make a loop, like a sofa, or do it with a textured pillow.

Contrast is important when you add this soft fabric to your space. A solid piece with no frills can be a good idea. A simple wooden table will also help balance the glamorous vibe that tall furniture can bring. Darker paint tones in the living room will help even out the curly ivory coat.

Living Room Decor Trends 2024: Rounded ShapesLiving Room Interior Design Trends In 2024

We all know that interiors with clean lines and clear forms have been so popular for more than a decade. But not in 2024! In the coming year, more attention will be paid to softer and rounded shapes in interior design. Living rooms will be filled with slightly curved furniture, whether it be decorative elements, furniture, or the overall theme of the interior.

When we think of furnishing, comfort and functionality always come to mind, right? We always want to add practical and elegant furniture to our living spaces. Thus, in the design of the living room in 2024 there will be sofas, chairs, tables and other elements designed in the trend of round shapes.