“Natural” Porcelain Stoneware In The Interior 2022

Trended and organic, new collections of cersanit porcelain in format 30×60 – this is the expansion of the harmony of natural textures and lines. Artificial imitation of natural stones like quartzite is replaced by at least natural variants of sleeve and venetian terrazzo finishes.

Highlighted by light and decorated with decorative elements, porcelain stoneware from these collections will easily take on the entire semantic load of the interior idea and make you touch its embossed matte surface. Thanks to the visual effects of “carving” and “sugar”, even at a distance, there is a rough texture at the fingertips – the result of a combination of gloss with relief and grain.

GalaxyPorcelain Stoneware In The Interior 2022

Feel the unity with space and all the elements of the Earth in an interior made with porcelain stoneware from the Galaxy collection in the 30×60 cm format. The multi-face design makes the tile pattern voluminous and natural, and unobtrusive colors allow the material to be used to fill large spaces. Imitation of stone in a warm beige tone gives the interior coziness and comfort. The multi-colored version fits organically into a modern room, allowing it to be zoned or played up with any other designer’s idea. Suitable for both flooring and walls, with good strength and moisture-repellent properties, the Galaxy collection tiles can be used in living rooms and bathrooms, in corridors, halls, cafes or offices.

SpacePorcelain Stoneware In The Interior 2022

Stylish and modern, at the same time very elegant tiles from the Space collection are a design variation of Cersanit on the theme of Venetian terrazzo. The effect of carving ink, scattered in drops on a neutral background, allows the original tiles to be used not only as an accent element, but also to fill large spaces. The Space collection allows you to separate functional areas, and therefore will be good in bathrooms, in the kitchen and in a large living room. Due to its high performance, the material can be used in commercial premises and for external decoration, for example, on a veranda.

InfinityPorcelain Stoneware In The Interior 2022

Another option in which the stone reveals its best properties – volume and color depth – is the multi-faceted design of the Infinity collection tile, which imitates a slate cut with its pronounced layered structure. With the help of it, you can create ultra-modern interiors, since the colors of the collection are also trendy: gray and dark gray. They are ideal for uniform wall cladding in kitchens, living rooms and commercial spaces. An organic addition to the loft and minimalism, tiles in the 30×60 cm format will be appropriate both on the floor and on the walls and will express the fullness of the designer’s idea when zoning, placing accents or creating a single space for a large room.

MercuryPorcelain Stoneware In The Interior 2022

A realistic imitation of natural stone, the grains of which shine and shimmer in the sun – this is the porcelain stoneware from the Mercury collection. The faceted surface looks voluminous and natural even at a decent distance. The naturalistic pattern allows you to cover large areas with material without compromising perception. Gray and beige are versatile, which means a minimal bathroom or a cool industrial living room will come in handy.

Man has had a special love for stone since ancient times. Stone is home, stone is protection, stone is decoration. And now more sharply than ever, she declares herself, encouraging to create an idyll filled with real harmony. Only in this atmosphere, consciousness truly relaxes, and modern technologies give everything to recreate a relaxed naturalness in your own home.

LorenzoPorcelain Stoneware In The Interior 2022

The matt porcelain stoneware from the Lorenzo collection is a precision marble effect, digitally printed. The collection is named after Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini, an Italian architect and sculptor. As a worthy successor to Michelangelo, Bernini expertly worked on stone.

In Lorenzo porcelain stoneware drawing, the depth of natural marble is recreated with carving ink, which gives shine to the veins, and a multi-face design, making the tiles almost indistinguishable from natural rocks. The 30×60 format is convenient for finishing large areas on the walls and floors of bathrooms, corridors or balconies. Marble has always been considered a “palace” stone: when there is a lot of material, it makes the space light and luxurious. Dot finishes, for example, laying out a kitchen apron or inserts on the floor in the corridor, can overlap with the textures and colors of other interior elements – furniture or kitchen countertops. The matte surface not only enhances the chic of the Lorenzo collection, but also makes the space safe in wet areas, reducing the chance of slipping.

FortunaPorcelain Stoneware In The Interior 2022

The decor can be versatile. In the Fortuna collection in the 30×60 format , plant motifs of patchwork and a pleasant color scheme in gray tones make it possible to complement many other Cersanit porcelain stoneware collections of this size. The carving ink gives the design an expressive shine. Discreet colors make it possible to fill large spaces with tiles. The imitation of the pattern of the tiles of a smaller format allows you to advantageously emphasize the functional areas. The tile is suitable for decorating walls and floors of bathrooms, kitchens, corridors or balconies.