New Furniture Trends for 2022

New Furniture Trends for 2022Stylists are already looking to 2022 as well as architects and interior designers. What will be the trends for the new year in terms of furniture? Let’s find out together.

The 2022 furniture will be above all functional and personalized, characterized by the use of a variety of materials, first of all those of recycling such as biological plastics. An eye always attentive to nature without sacrificing elegance and contemporaneity.

Trendy colorsNew Furniture Trends for 2022

The dark blue and light woods will be the new trend of next year. Combined with gold-colored furnishing accessories, they will create contemporary spaces with a unique and unmistakable style. The wood -inspired Scandinavian will be the new must not only used for flooring but also for covering walls and ceilings.

In its raw shades it will become a key point and give a natural accent to your environment. It is important to restore a kind of contact with nature at home as well.

Obviously all this goes hand in hand with the idea of eco-sustainable furniture. In fact, wood together with glass and stone become popular and widely used materials. The house will be the nest where you can relax and recharge your energy.

Another combination in vogue is that of the two opposite poles: white and black. This timeless combination is simple and bright and never goes out of style.

Password: minimalismNew Furniture Trends for 2022

A simple and functional house, with few decorative objects, is the trend of 2022. Few furniture with an essential style, without useless and bulky objects. The minimalism is not only stylish, but offers many advantages. A clean and tidy environment according to different priorities creates less stress and lifts the mood.

Especially in the presence of small spaces, the combination of this style with soft colors, gives a pleasant and peaceful aspect to the whole environment. True luxury today is not quantity but quality in the simplification of spaces.

Decorative glassNew Furniture Trends for 2022

Today, decorated glass plays an important role in furniture. Both colored and textured can be customized according to different needs and the type of furniture. Used for doors, stairs and kitchen tiles it is trendy and very current. In fact, glass gives the space a realistic and trendy look.

MarbleNew Furniture Trends for 2022

The marble in the last few years is back in vogue. It is a very trendy material and gives elegance and refinement to any environment. Being very expensive, it is used in large dining rooms but also in the kitchen and main bathroom.

The mistake not to make is to cover the walls and floors in marble. This risky choice would make the environment too cold and aseptic. Therefore in this case it is important to opt for either walls or floors of this material.

It is recommended to use instead of the classic splash guard in the kitchen or as a surface of a modern design table. Being very resistant, it is also often used for outdoor tables.

Also, if you don’t prefer it on a large surface, you could buy some marble furnishing accessories such as lamps, candle holders and or bathroom sets. In this way, without exaggerating, you will give a touch of glamor to your environment.

MetalNew Furniture Trends for 2022

The metals are a practical and modern approach almost always present in the design schemes of interior design. In the past this material was mainly used in the bathroom and kitchen. Currently copper, bronze, brass are present in any room of the house and become basic decorative elements.

Metals are versatile and revive a bare and aseptic environment. They also resist the wear and tear of time and are easy to clean.

Some examples are the metal lamps suspended on marble and glass tables. Even the black metal that has spread thanks to the industrial style, integrates perfectly into any environment and is very popular in the furnishing choices of the new year.

Innovative materialsNew Furniture Trends for 2022

The innovative materials are the new frontier furnishing 2022. The recycling and new technologies create a harmonic and stimulating environments. The use of plastic has been reduced to a minimum. Transforming polluting materials into functional and fashionable furniture is an ecological trend that combines modernity, practicality and respect for the environment. Cans aluminum, paper newspaper, bottles of glass are all materials used to create pieces of unique and original design.

It is an eco-sustainable path that is developed with a view to greater awareness of protecting the environment. It is fashionable to incorporate natural elements into daily life: evergreen plants, stones and crystals, shells and starfish are just some of the elements that recall the beauty of nature within the four walls of the home.

Natural lightNew Furniture Trends for 2022

It is essential that natural light invades the whole environment. In contemporary trends there are no longer walls and / or dividing walls: the real must is an open space environment where everything becomes usable and functional. Natural light plays a certain role. For this, large windows and light curtains are chosen that allow the passage of light.

Good lighting creates spacious and welcoming environments.

Nature marries technology through the use of recycled materials placed in a minimal and functional environment. This is the new furniture trend for 2022.