The New Interior Design Trends For 2022

New Interior Design Trends For 2022Interior design trends for 2022. Furniture, accessories, materials, colors, subjects and textures that will be protagonists in the next season.

Like every year, knowing in advance what the new trends in interior design will be is a pleasant activity. Both for those who are about to renovate their homes and for professionals, architects, professionals in the sector, fashion bloggers or simply curious, 2022 will be the year of the triumph of nature and lively sensations.

So let’s get to know what the winning trends will be for next season.

Search for comfortNew Interior Design Trends For 2022

The character of a comfortable and pleasant place to stay, even alone, will be strengthened: your home, even when large, will be the place to relax, not hear the noise coming from other rooms or from the street, separating and creating a comfort areas.

Even in the open space, the kitchen is designed to be a room detached from other environments, avoiding disturbing those who prefer solitude, even temporary, in the living room. So make sure that the smells and fumes while preparing dinner do not invade the relaxation area.

Libraries and containersNew Interior Design Trends For 2022

Great importance for tall furniture, up to the ceiling : it is the triumph of bookcases in the modern living room, where storage units perform the dual function of necessary furniture and also divider, when you are planning to furnish a large space.

The shapes recall minimalism, therefore simple lines, with suspended elements that make the home scenographic.

Equipped wallsNew Interior Design Trends For 2022

Mixing materials becomes a way of creating modern and advanced furnishings; the wall units, which are becoming increasingly popular as a choice of furniture, focus on the simplicity of design and lines.

Different materials are used for the realization, in a creative and surprising way: metal, glass, wood, leather can be part of the same piece of furniture without any problem.

Bright colorsNew Interior Design Trends For 2022

The 2022 will be the ‘ year in which color is displayed in all its beauty and eccentricity. Many and different varieties of red, green and deep blue, present in every room.

The only exception is the bathroom, which confirms itself as the relaxation room, with calm tones: white is the preferable color, with variations of gray or beige.

Black kitchenNew Interior Design Trends For 2022

The kitchen is turning out to be a multi-purpose environment in the modern home: the trendy color will be black, a very elegant and chic proposal, truly innovative for the restaurant.

For those who want to renew the furniture, it will be interesting to combine black with metal elements and natural materials. For those who think that it can transform the room into a gloomy place, the brightness of the metals and the presence of the green of the plants will awaken the senses.

MetalNew Interior Design Trends For 2022

The metal will have an active role in the decoration of the house in 2022. Used in its many variants, its presence will enhance even more the industrial style, as well as ensuring the recovery and recycling of many objects.

Steel, even when oxidized, gold and silver will be pleasing to the eye. Its use will be strengthened due to its use in the decorations of lamps, mirrors, table legs and chairs as well as furnishing accessories.

DecorationsNew Interior Design Trends For 2022

The living room wall becomes a place of expression. The wallpaper will be chosen as a covering but also and above all to decorate the walls.

Triumph designs from the artistic, such as playing ancient and famous paintings on display in museums.

The nature will be a subject present in homes: Tropical forest designs, jungles and plants will be the leitmotif of the next year.

LightingNew Interior Design Trends For 2022

Lighting will change: as emerged from the Salone del Mobile in Milan, giving light to domestic environments is no longer just a matter of safety, but is transformed, acquiring personality and becoming a way of furnishing.

Lamps with sinuous, elegant and eye-catching shapes, can change the face of an anonymous living room and highlight the furnishings and finishes.

The chandelier, once known as the protagonist of the room, positioned in the center, is revisited in a modern key. From the traditional crystal, it evolves and assumes a decisive versatility, with particular shapes and until now considered risky.

Lighting becomes an art form, with cascade lighting systems in which the electrical part is reduced to a minimum while leaving ample freedom to the format of the container of the light source.

Vienna strawNew Interior Design Trends For 2022

2022 will be the year of the return to the homes of Vienna straw, a material obtained from the manufacture of reed cane, after carefully selecting the threads.

The resulting mesh is used to stuff Thonet chairs, or as furniture cover or radiator covers. Of ancient tradition, this material with a vintage flavor is revisited to create modern furnishings suitable for contemporary homes.