Trending Interior Colors In 2024

Trending Interior Colors In 2024Each year, the colors in decoration, as in fashion, change: either slightly or more radically compared to the previous season. Often the colors last, but reinvent themselves over the years. This will be the case for yellow in 2024, which is still asserting itself, but in a more pepsi, more tangy and more vibrant way, at Pantone or Dulux. Panorama of the colors that should illuminate the year 2024!

The big color trend for 2024: boldness!

The colors will be more elaborate and daring in 2024 than they were in 2023. And this is no coincidence, this comes from the observation that individuals are better and better at using it. They are inspired by all the moodboards on Pinterest, decoration shows and dedicated magazines, and they are thus at the top to associate colors by competing with ideas. The combinations are more and more elaborate and aesthetic with in particular a mix of neutral tones and strong colors and very subtle plays of shadows and lights.

In 2024, contrasts fade and dark colors become softer

There is undoubtedly a real desire or a real need for softness and we find this trend in colors full of delicacy and attenuated contrasts. Dark colors are softer, this is particularly the case at Sherwin-Williams with the Dreamland palette. We find organic greens such as Cucuzza Verde or Rosé which evoke the balance of nature and the sweetness of buds. It is an invigorating and fresh world, influenced very largely by sustainability and biomimicry.

This is also the case at Dulux Valentine with softer blues and greens. We like to associate peacock blue with colors of the earth. Dawn green is a pretty base that goes easily with a golden yellow, for example.

Bright and vivid colorsTrending Interior Colors In 2024

Expressing both a desire for renewal, for something else… and a need to rediscover a certain joie de vivre and hope, living colors are very present.

From Mykonos blue to Farfadet green, the palette is very wide. Light and tone are in their place in the new Pantone collection for 2024. These colors can be subtle or more eccentric. It’s up to you to mix these shades to get the most out of them.

At Dulux Valentine too, we are moving away from mustard and curry yellows to move towards a brighter and more lively yellow. Something to give pep to your interior.

The arrival of acid colors

Acid colors are intruding into our homes… they echo those seen at the fashion shows of Prada Homme, Jacquemus or Isabel Marant. These almost fluorescent shades, so dazzling and lively as lemon yellow, fuchsia pink, azure blue, acid green or carmine red. This pop and more daring universe corresponds to the need to find a life full of joy and audacity. Ideal for living in a vitamin universe!

Cognac: for a more masculine and 60s note

This very strong camel is a color that is taking hold in our interiors, as it has already done in fashion in recent years. It is rather worked in touches or on a wall to give depth and character to a room. It harmonizes easily with very light wood or white and we particularly appreciate its amber character. Warm, she brings the decor to life.

The color is displayed in monochrome

If playing with shades avoids any risk taking, the result remains subtle and soft. The principle is to decline a family of colors in all its shades to create a harmonious cocoon where life is good. The goal is to allow everyone to appropriate the color in their interiors.

The yellow changes shadeTrending Interior Colors In 2024

The yellow is bright, sunny, lively, more sustained. It can also take on more golden shades or go towards saffron, more or less deep. This vibrant color reappears in small notes and gives energy. There are also more natural and lighter yellows. This color is not about to disappear, but should be handled sparingly, so as not to become aggressive.

In 2024, the red will be burgundy or carmine

The reds tend to gradually disappear from our homes and this is still the case this coming year. However, there is still the burgundy red, deep and full of character, and the carmine red, contemporary and modernist. If you must use red, it will be one of these two tones!

Beiges and nudes are always present

If certain colors are making their debut, others remain very present and this is the case with these two shades. Largely inspired by cosmetics, these very natural tones bring softness and a cocooning and cozy spirit to your spaces. The beige is tinged with a hint of pink for a feminine side that remains very subtle despite everything. Essentials that go particularly well in the bathroom, bedroom and living room.

Timeless grey, at the service of other colors

The sobriety of gray, its elegance and its worked appearance (blue gray or light gray ) have many advantages and in particular to sublimate the other colors that you use. If we talk about it little, it remains nevertheless essential. We particularly think of gray slightly tinted with another color which is no longer a neutral and which therefore has a real personality. Verdigris is a great example.