Trends for 2023 In Decoration for Your Home

Trends for 2023 In Decoration for Your HomeYes, vintage and practicality never go out of style. Next year is full of trends that you will like and that you can apply to your home not only to keep up to date on decoration, but also because you will like them and enjoy them. Do not miss everything that we are going to tell you below about trends for 2023 in decoration for your home.

VintageTrends for 2023 In Decoration for Your Home

Vintage is making a comeback. Your grandparents’ fabrics aren’t the only item making a comeback in 2023. Antique furniture is becoming completely necessary this new year. Antique furniture will make a comeback as the design world begins looking for more sustainable options for decorating a home.

Buying from sustainable and ethical retailers that offer higher quality products will allow us to keep our furniture longer and it will stay in good shape, which is ultimately more financially responsible and environmentally conscious. So where can you find these unique and eye-catching pieces? Test stores secondhand, furniture stores reused (online or in the store) or explore local resale sites like Facebook Marketplace.

Multifunctional spaces and furnitureTrends for 2023 In Decoration for Your Home

One of the 2023 home decor trends that designers are most excited about is the focus on multifunctional – spaces, furniture, rooms, and items.  Multifunctional spaces will be booming in 2023 and they are very likely here to stay. Being at home for months allowed many people (especially design enthusiasts) to realize how they use each space in their home and the best features they could present in a single room.

In fact, many people, owners and designers alike, are rethinking how spaces are designed and what it really means to be multi-functional. What is changing in home design is a more functional approach.

The past year was spent creating home offices and home study areas. This year, while this is important too, it’s more of a broader consideration of how we can make our homes an oasis where we want to spend more time there, even if we don’t need as much these days.

In addition to the idea of multifunctional, comes the focus on eye-catching pieces and furniture that serve more than one purpose, especially if you rent or live in a smaller space. For those who live in smaller spaces, furniture that offers multiple functions is ideal. Quality multifunctional furniture provides versatility as it can be adapted to many living situations.

Interlocking design

The concept of ‘interlocking design’ is fairly new as we approach 2023. While we typically had clear differences between, say, an office and a bedroom, over the past year those lines have blurred.

As a result, continuous, open-air design or what designers call ‘interlocking’ design comes to the fore. And this even intersects with the way we use our outdoor spaces. As people make outdoor spaces an extension of their home, a few elements come to mind that enhance continuity.

It is observed that the interlocking design is becoming more popular, combining the surrounding landscape with harsh landscape designs. Ragged edges mixed with pebbles, grass and aggregates create a more natural and organic look.

Japandi style touchesTrends for 2023 In Decoration for Your Home

One of the most prevalent design trends of 2023 is the Japandi design. It is a Scandinavian-Japanese mix for interior design. It’s very minimalist… it brings a lot of natural elements to a space with a muted palette, natural light, plants, and clean, simple lines. Decor is designed with greenery from the home itself, such as finding oversized greenery in the garden and bringing a dramatic stylistic element into the room instead of going out and buying plants.

DIY creations

Our houses are not only the spaces in which we live, but they also speak of who we are and what we love. As such, one of the biggest design trends to look forward to in 2023 is what the craft store does. People who continue to practice mindful creation, the idea of using arts and crafts to relax and find calm.

We will see them applying what they learned last year and creatively expanding into new materials and aspirational themes, more sustainable ways of crafting, and how to use creation to connect with loved ones in new and meaningful ways.

As we approach 2023, we’ve given up on polished for functional, defined for interlocking, and homemade for store bought. The message? Homes that are real instead of looking like an unreal magazine photo.