Home Decor Trends 2022: New Proposals For Furnishing And Decorating Environments

Home Decor Trends 2022: New Proposals For Furnishing And Decorating EnvironmentsA new year is here, with many surprises to experience and new trends to embrace, in every field of style. What does this 2022 tell us about furnishings and household linen ? Let’s find out together, exploring all the interior design trends of this year, just started!

Home Furnishing Trends: Geometric Patterns And Neutral ColorsHome Decor Trends 2022: New Proposals For Furnishing And Decorating Environments

The use of decorations inspired by the world of geometry is a real must of the season. 2022 will be a year all about geometric balance. But be careful not to fall into the exaggeration: it is better to choose an environment or an area of the house in which to place the geometric pattern that immediately catches the eye, such as bathroom tiles or an original wallpaper.

In the 2022 home furnishing trends, neutral, classic and light shades are back. The main shades used will be gray and beige. Use warm neutral colors to decorate the walls and create neutral spaces, which will then be enriched with elegant pieces of furniture.

Velvet And Color Contrasts: The Proposals For The New YearHome Decor Trends 2022: New Proposals For Furnishing And Decorating Environments

The most sought after material of 2022? Velvet, the perfect mix of luxury and comfort, and we are not talking about the usual red blanket with which to weigh down the elements of the living room. This year, velvet is used to cover sofas and armchairs, but in different color variations, such as electric blue, bright green, pink, yellow and burnt orange.

The perfect match? Black and white, two colors / non-colors whose combination never goes out of fashion. The “yin & yang” trend in furniture is expressed in the presence of black chairs and sofas, white cushions, elements of black and white marble.

Fascinating as never before: the four-poster beds are back in the room, protagonists, together with the house curtains, of a serene and relaxing environment. The bed becomes an oasis of style and comfort, but be careful to consider the size of your room before taking up all the space.

Nostalgia for the past? No fear! 2022 brings a vintage touch to your home with floral fabrics and wallpapers. Abstract and colorful motifs run through the panels with which to decorate the walls: vibrant colors dominate, such as yellow and contrasting colors that have nothing to do with the faded classic wallpapers.

Furniture Trends 2022: Industrial StyleHome Decor Trends 2022: New Proposals For Furnishing And Decorating Environments

At home, the industrial furnishing style wins, with the use of metals in the finishes and details. Silver, gold, tin and copper blend perfectly to create environments that recall the original London lofts, while remaining comfortable and pleasant places to live.

The use of recycled materials in the furnishing sector fully respects the green and eco-sustainable trend that is still holding its own this year. Old pieces of unused steel thus become lamp decorations, mirror frames, table and chair legs, as well as highly original furnishing accessories.

Even in the case of the open space, however, the kitchen maintains its identity, highlighted by a different color compared to that of the other rooms in the house. In 2022 the black kitchen is trendy, an elegant and chic proposal. The kitchen curtains will give a touch of light, to choose from white, in bright colors or geometric patterns.

High furniture, which touch the ceiling, and many bookcases, used as a dividing element between rooms. The lines are simple, essential, but of great impact. Different materials blend within the same piece of furniture and the final effect is completed by the presence of bright colors.

If you do not like too modern environments, on the other hand, you will find the return in trend of Viennese straw furnishings, obtained from the manufacture of cane, after carefully selecting the threads, particularly appropriate. The resulting mesh is used to stuff Thonet chairs, or as furniture cover or radiator covers. A material with a vintage flavor that satisfies contemporary tastes.

Colors And Patterns To Decorate The House In 2022Home Decor Trends 2022: New Proposals For Furnishing And Decorating Environments

With which shades to decorate your home in 2022?

In addition to the aforementioned neutral shades, red, green and deep blue dominate in every room, declined in all the elements of the linen: sheet set, furniture cushions, sofa covers and much more.

As for the drawings, however, those with an artistic character triumph, inspired by the reproduction of ancient and famous paintings exhibited in museums. The pictorial styles that have marked the history of art are printed on the Interior Design fabrics. Impressionist watercolors, pointillism, splashes of color, abstract geometricism: these are the patterns chosen to decorate the house in 2022.

Let’s not forget the lighting: lamps with sinuous, elegant and eye-catching shapes enter the house, which can transform an anonymous living room into a very elegant environment.

The classic crystal chandelier evolves into a versatile, modern piece of furniture: we welcome cascade lighting systems and false ceilings with LED spotlights, an ideal solution that combines practicality and aesthetics, savings and elegance.

Do you want to change the look of your home? Let yourself be inspired by the isdecortrends and the new home decor trends 2022 and create a perfect, unique, original environment that bears the signature of your style.