Ideas on How to Decorate Your House for the New Year 2023

Ideas on how to decorate a house for the New Year 2023Christmas mood depends on what surrounds us. It starts with snow on the street and paper snowflakes on the windows, with New Year’s tinsel and the smell of fir branches in the apartment, with tangerines and pre-holiday fuss.

So that the mood does not disappear before the holiday, you need to try and decorate your house for the New Year. New Year figurines, congratulations on the Christmas tree, holiday socks, clothes for cups, as in the photo below – these simple things breathe real warmth.

What color to decorate the house for the New Year 2023?

Since the patron saint of the coming year is the Black Water Tiger, it is best to choose a white and golden color scheme for New Year’s decor. This is a very successful combination. The white color symbolizes winter, and the sparkles represent the snow sparkling in the sun. The more jewelry with a warm golden sheen, the better.

For bright accents, you can use traditional New Year’s colors – red, green, gold. An excellent choice is a golden-terracotta gamma. You can also stop at cold white-blue shades, because these are the colors of water.

Choosing a room for New Year’s EveIdeas on how to decorate a house for the New Year 2023

Thinking over exactly how to decorate the house, first decide in which room you will celebrate the New Year.

Are you expecting guests on New Year’s Eve or will you celebrate with your family? Are you going to celebrate away from home? It depends on how to decorate the rooms and where to put the Christmas tree.

If you are going to set a festive table in the living room or dining room, then the main Christmas tree should also be dressed up in these rooms.

If you plan to spend New Year’s Eve at a party, and at home arrange only a festive tea party in the kitchen on January 1, then take care of a small Christmas tree or ikebana from fir branches for the kitchen.

Decoration of the apartment for the New YearIdeas on how to decorate a house for the New Year 2023

To make it easier for you to decide what and how to dress up in your apartment, imagine yourself as a guest. Walk around the house as if you were walking in for the first time. Note what caught your attention, where in the apartment you lingered, where you wanted to sit down and what part of the room you looked around.

In the same order, think over and select New Year’s decor.

To decorate an apartment for the New Year, at least you will need:

  • spruce or pine branches;
  • cones, acorns and chestnuts;
  • paper snowflakes;
  • fairy lights;
  • serpentine;
  • rain;
  • figurines (in the form of a symbol of the coming year, Santa Claus or Snow Maiden, as well as any thematic ones – winter or New Year’s);
  • candles;
  • fruits (tangerines, oranges, bananas, apples, pineapples – your choice).

Entrance doorIdeas on how to decorate a house for the New Year 2023

Start by decorating your front door. You can hang a New Year’s wreath on the door, and put a New Year’s rug on the floor.

You can buy a wreath in a store or make your own. Instead of a wreath, you can glue rain, snowflakes and other tinsel to the door.

Are you tired of the rug in front of the front door? Why not just replace it for a month?

Door mats are funny, and they come with thematic pictures.

HallwayIdeas on how to decorate a house for the New Year 2023

New Year’s decorations in the hallway should not reduce the space so that guests do not worry that they can hurt and break something.

If you have a mirror in the hallway, you can draw winter pictures on it with soap, special markers or glass spray. Do-it-yourself paper snowflakes or purchased New Year’s stickers will look good on the mirror.

If the ceiling height allows, you can throw a short rain or a garland of white snowflakes on a chandelier or sconce.

Living room and dining roomIdeas on how to decorate a house for the New Year 2023

If you dressed up a Christmas tree in one of these rooms, then all other decorations in them should be background so as not to compete with the green beauty.

Thematic pillowcases for decorative pillows will add winter comfort to the living room. For example, such as in this photo.

Rain on the walls and on the shelves, luminous garlands, candles in beautiful candlesticks on the fireplace, small arrangements of fir branches and cones – choose what you like for decoration.

A luminous garland can take the form of not only traditional lights, but also snowflakes, bees, flowers or houses, as in the photo below.

Make sure that every room is decorated in the same style.


Often the kitchen is not dressed up for the New Year, considering it a utility room. But it is in the kitchen that we spend time before and after work, and also prepare for the holiday. So is it worth it to leave it without jewelry?

Bouquets of fir branches, decorative candles, vases with cones and acorns are a great choice for the kitchen. But you need to put them where they will not interfere with you.

Toilet and bathroom

If the toilet and bathroom in your apartment are very small and old, and besides, you use them as a pantry, then perhaps you should not hang rain in them – this will narrow the space even more and make it completely unattractive.

If rain, toys and spruce branches, in your opinion, fit perfectly into the interior of the bathroom and toilet, then feel free to decorate them. You can simply place themed figurines or candles on the shelf, if there is one, for example, in the form of a bathing Black Tiger.


Do not forget to decorate the windows in a New Year’s way. For glasses, you can buy or make special stencils for drawings with your own hands, as well as paint, which is then easily washed off.

Especially for the New Year holidays, you can change tulle or curtains on the windows. For example, hang a tulle made of golden or silver threads.

How to decorate windows for the New Year?

Your home, your rules. Do not chase fashion trends, but decorate your home so that it is cozy, warm and New Year’s Eve.

Happy New Year!