TOP 16 Interior Decoration Trends 2024

What will interior trends 2024 bring us in terms of decoration? More color, decorative ceilings, handcrafted pieces and natural fibers galore. Also blush tones, mermaid-type tiles… Discover our decor forecasts for next year and get ahead of fashion

VELVET: MODERNIZED ELEGANCEInterior Decoration Trends 2024

We have seen it this autumn-winter, but the revival of velvet has not been a passing fad, but rather it has been left for a while this 2024. Elegant and sophisticated, its look has been modernized with more daring and contemporary designs.

GRAHAMYBROWNInterior Decoration Trends 2024

Flower power Flowers, especially those with large designs, take center stage this coming year. In wallpapers or textiles, they will fill any space in your home with color. Both the most classic designs and the most contemporary and abstract ones will be worn.

THE GOLDEN AGEInterior Decoration Trends 2024

Copper has given way to gold. We will see it not only in this metal finish –such as taps, lamps or cupboard knobs or handles–, but also in details and accessories made of other materials. Like the mirror frames that recover the gold leaf finish with a more modern patina.

THE FIBERS GO UP THE WALLS!Interior Decoration Trends 2024

It is likely that during this year you have seen how fiber plates and trays and even carpets colonize the walls. This 2024 we will continue to see them and with total impudence. And it is enough to create a composition of fiber trays, like this one, to transform a space.

FULL COLOR UPHOLSTERYInterior Decoration Trends 2024

Cobalt blue, bottle green, burgundy… The sofas and other seating pieces call for a bit of color this coming year. Intense colors with character that will make the sofa or, in this case, the chaise lounge, not go unnoticed in the living room.

TERRAZZO, BEYOND THE GROUNDInterior Decoration Trends 2024

We have seen it this 2018 but the forecasts suggest that this next year this material and its characteristic drawings will continue to set trends. Although its priority use was for floors, especially during the construction boom of the 70s, in this revival we see it on countertops, parapets and in all kinds of accessories.

PICTURES ALL OVER THE HOUSEInterior Decoration Trends 2024

And without complexes: in bedding, cushions, table runners or wallpapers, paintings are, along with large floral motifs, one of the fashion prints this year. This wallpaper is from Gancedo.

DECORATED CEILINGSInterior Decoration Trends 2024

If we decorate the walls, whether with paint, wallpaper or wainscot, why forget about the ceiling? One of the trends of this 2024 that will surely not leave anyone indifferent is precisely giving the roof the prominence it deserves. Wallpaper, moldings, color… Do you dare?

CURVES TAKEInterior Decoration Trends 2024

Faced with minimalism and homage to the straight line, fashion arrives for curves and sinuous and rounded lines, both in accessories and in furniture. In this sense, pieces inspired by the 70s, such as the legendary Peacock chair that experienced its second golden age at that time, will continue to be a trend. Here, the armchair, the mirror and the rug share its curvy profile.

ART DECO REVIVALInterior Decoration Trends 2024

Everything indicates that the influence of Art Deco will be felt in 2024, inspiring both textiles and pieces of furniture and accessories. But like all revival, it arrives modernized. Thus, the color palette is extended to fashionable colors, with blush tones taking center stage. And the same goes for the materials used and the designs, with more sober and minimalist lines.

GOLD + BLACK, FASHIONABLE TANDEMInterior Decoration Trends 2024

Kitchens open the door to black this 2024. After the hegemony of white, color begins to find its opportunity to decorate the kitchen. If you add details in gold to the black, such as the taps or the lamps, the result could not be more stylish and, moreover, on-trend.

DARKER COUNTERTOPSInterior Decoration Trends 2024

We have already commented that this 2024 the color floods the kitchens. And countertops are no exception. We will see more intense and warm tones, like the image proposal, which will compete with the pale grays and whites that until now were imposed on these surfaces. On the other hand, wood in raw finish will continue to give something to talk about this year, with very natural proposals and with a rustic nuance but at the same time very contemporary.

HANDMADE LOOKInterior Decoration Trends 2024

In lamps, furniture, crockery, vases or even in textiles. Artisanal or handmade will continue to be a solid trend this 2024. The use of sustainable materials, such as natural fibers, rice paper or ceramics will prevail. These vases are a Bonjour proposal.

THE BLUSH TONESInterior Decoration Trends 2024

Pink, in different shades, has been a trend for a couple of years. We saw it with rose quartz, the former Pantone color of 2016, and Millennial Pink, in addition to its more pastel shades. Well, now it’s the turn of makeup or blush tones, which have been going strong since 2018. And combined with grey, one of the fashionable colors this year, it forms a great tandem.

NEW USES OF MARBLEInterior Decoration Trends 2024

The boom for the natural has also infected natural stones that, like marble, recover lost ground in decoration. And not just as kitchen or bathroom countertops, or even flooring, but we see it in pieces of furniture, like this coffee table with a marble top, and accessories, such as vases.

BED RUNNERSInterior Decoration Trends 2024

Also known as covers, these elongated textile accessories are placed at the foot of the bed to give extra warmth and a more cozy and welcoming touch to the bedroom. And this year 2024 it will be very common to see them in the different proposals of the textile firms. The one in this bedroom, velvet and cauldron-colored, is from Catalina House.

When a year has not yet ended, we are already looking out of the corner of our eyes what the next course will bring us. And in terms of decor, the forecasts are very interesting, with some proposals that have already stood out this year, such as the revival of terrazzo or the authentic madness for natural fibers and the handmade look, and other innovative proposals.


The 25 Maison&Objet trends for this coming season

In addition to the ones you have just seen in the gallery, it is worth keeping a close eye on these three, which have been going strong this year and are likely to continue to be in fashion next year.


  • Artificial plants : We are fans of natural plants, but artificial plants, especially quality ones, are presented as an alternative for those who do not want (or cannot) have a natural plant at home.
  • Nordic crafts : We said it: the handmade look will continue to be a trend this 2024 and the handcrafted pieces with a Nordic stamp, with simple lines and very natural colours, promise to seduce us as much as their furniture proposals and their cozy aesthetic have done.
  • Mermaid Tiles: If subway tiles are all the rage, why shouldn’t mermaid tiles? Its name is not accidental, since its shape reproduces the scales of fish. Without a doubt, betting on them will give personality and a casual vintage look.