TOP 7 Interior Design Trends 2024

TOP 7 Interior Design Trends 2024Have you already planned the 2024 summer holidays and are you looking forward to D-Day? But before leaving, you have decided to make a small renovation of a given room in your apartment or house… You probably know what structural changes to make to make the design more practical, but do you know the decoration trends? Here are 7 top interior design trends 2024 that all decorators, professional and amateur, are looking to adopt during the current season! No matter which room you want to refurbish, these ideas work everywhere and sublimate the interior flawlessly!

An eye-catching centerpieceTOP 7 Interior Design Trends 2024

In the collective mind, modernizing a room means decorating sparingly, even opting for minimalism in interior design. However, such a design is often in danger of looking totally impersonal. In reality, one can furnish and decorate the living room or the adult bedroom in a contemporary way without sacrificing its character. A room can have very little furniture and still be bold, even extravagant. And according to the decoration trends of the new season, quality defies quantity!

So add an eye-catcher to your interior that will create a pleasant element of surprise against the otherwise restrained background. A dramatic pendant lamp, an abstract sculpture, a large antique piece of furniture, an elegant collection of exotic ceramic objects or a brightly colored contemporary painting are just a few of the fantastic possibilities to consider.

The dominant “natural” styleTOP 7 Interior Design Trends 2024

Then, we notice that sophisticated decoration trends emphasize natural colors and organic materials. Top-tier designers continue to use as many sensuous materials as possible, with solid wood and natural stone always at the top of their list of favourites. Whether we’re talking about the living-dining room, the bedroom or the kitchen, the excessive abundance of textures can be overwhelming. Nevertheless, a plethora of natural materials makes it possible to add more layers to a room in a moderate way, without the risk of overdoing the idea.

Lighting decoration trendsTOP 7 Interior Design Trends 2024

We know that light, as much as color, affects our mood and temperament. For example, we are more active when there is too much and more massive when there is not enough. Certainly, making structural changes can increase the amount of natural light one receives inside. However, not everyone is ready to tear down walls or install floor-to-ceiling windows. On the other hand, any room needs lighting fixtures and when their design is attractive, they can completely change the situation…

Of course, light fixtures are, above all else, practical devices, but they also have their ornamental value. So think about their type and their appropriate layout, without forgetting that their shape has a very important impact. In case your room is 20 square meters or more, you will need 2 or 3 different devices for different nooks and varied activities. So, in the living room, one can have a nice pendant lamp just above the coffee table and a floor lamp next to the reading chair (with or without a pair of wall sconces, the opposite side). To kill two birds with one stone in terms of 2024 decoration trends, the light from adjustable devices is directed towards your eye-catching element.

Don’t be afraid of a little eclecticTOP 7 Interior Design Trends 2024

Another top idea for the interior of summer 2024 is to add a hint of traditionalism in a modern context. A handmade tapestry, locally made pottery or a handmade side table bought at the nearby flea market will add a unique spirit to your interior and at the same time establish a strong connection between your home and the world around you. Also, decorative objects in blown glass, brass, clay and raw teak will follow the trend close to nature.

Interior-exterior decoration trendsTOP 7 Interior Design Trends 2024

Blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces is one of the big decorating trends for summer and it’s not at all hard to see why. Apart from visually blurring the boundaries between zones, an open and airy design gives a feeling of complete freedom. Green light then for large bay windows, bare windows and braided furniture that is typically used for the terrace.

We embrace the nostalgia of yesteryearTOP 7 Interior Design Trends 2024

Vintage objects, furniture inspired by the middle of the previous century, decorations straight out of grandma’s wardrobe – in summer 2024, we embrace the nostalgia of bygone eras. If the flowing lines of 70s furniture aren’t your style, look to bohemian or hippy chic style items and you won’t go wrong. The main strength of decoration trends this year is their stylistic diversity!

Decoration and sustainability trendsTOP 7 Interior Design Trends 2024

Finally, anything made from a salvaged object is certainly trending in the current year. Natural fibres, recycled materials, driftwood and repurposed parts – the specifics depend on your existing interior and what things you are inclined to change. Either way, when decorating trends are not only attractive, but also thoughtful, you’re on the right track.