TOP trends in interior design 2023-2024

trends in interior design 2023-2024The general design trend of recent years is the rejection of the superfluous and the return to the old. Perhaps this is the emotional desire to “roll back”, return to the psychological “save point” and start all over again. This is manifested in clothing, culture, and popular design styles. Let’s look at the main new trends in interior design in 2023-2024, and first of all – apartments.

Materials and invoicestrends in interior design 2023-2024

Naturalness and simplicity, enjoyment of the beauty of nature – the eco-direction is manifested in the selection of materials for decoration and furnishing. If natural is expensive, then you can use a reliable imitation, including from modern environmentally friendly materials.

For example, one of the fashion trends in bathroom interior design back in 2023 was onyx. When creating sinks and countertops, natural stone or its imitation from painted pressed chips is used, on the walls and floor – ceramic tiles or porcelain stoneware with characteristic stains.

Curtains in the interior must be considered: they take up a lot of visual space, an incorrectly chosen shade or pattern will, as they say, catch the eye. How to choose the color of curtains for the interior. We tell.

What other materials are worth paying attention to?

  • Wood – elements of any species with a beautiful pattern, including tinted, mainly matte (treated with mastic or impregnations). Painting is possible, including with the preservation of texture and relief.
  • Stone – the use of rocks with natural stains, grains and other elements is welcome. If it is expensive, then porcelain stoneware or quartz vinyl will do.
  • Concrete – both in the form of decorative elements (for example, planters), and as the main material for walls and floors.
  • Metal – glossy or frosted.
  • Glass.

The last squeak is wood slab countertops with decorative epoxy resin inserts.

Colors and shadestrends in interior design 2023-2024

The Pantone Institute has chosen 17-3938 Very Peri (periwinkle) as the color of 2022. To inexperienced consumers, it is more likely to resemble a shade of lilac, closer to blue, however, as they say, “there is a nuance.” Is it worth it to “roll up” an apartment in a fashionable palette? We don’t think (you won’t make repairs every year?), But adding elements within the framework of the general direction is quite.

Interior color trends 2023-2024 are as follows:

  • black and white classics with shades – including the “legendary” gray;
  • pastel;
  • calm shades of green and yellow;
  • simple geometric ornaments or, on the contrary, natural ones, but not in the spirit of rococo flowers, but rather, the naturalness of a herbarium.

Cold periwinkle will go well with white and gray, it will be well perceived in the bedroom along with soft shades of green.

Do not forget about the compatibility of colors and how they can visually transform the interior. For example, in apartments with low ceilings, it is desirable to use less saturated shades, and make accents on posters, accessories, furniture and decor items.

Styletrends in interior design 2023-2024

The mood in society also largely influences the styles of residential interiors. I want simplicity and do not want visual congestion. I want to come home and relax, and not waste time dusting dozens of trinkets. The urgent need for rest and relaxation is realized in minimalist and simple interiors, in which, meanwhile, there is a place for the realization of individual preferences, the use of decor and those cute things that warm the soul.

Three styles that, in our opinion, are extremely relevant this year.

  • Scandinavian. Despite the departure from the Russian market of a well-known brand famous for this style (“… and glasses”), many other brands produce minimalist furniture and accessories. The Russians have tasted its charms and have already begun to produce the necessary things themselves.
  • Minimalism. This is not just an “apartment from the developer without finishing”, but a well-thought-out balance of simple lines and the absence of superfluous. By the way, it is here that the grandmother’s carpet will come in handy – “his hairiness” can become the center of the composition and dilute the apparent emptiness with brightness.
  • Retro 60s-70s. For those who thought that it used to be better, although at that time it was not even in the plans. To build such an interior, we recommend the “Encyclopedia of the Household” of those years, pictures from fashion magazines (including foreign ones) and films by David Lynch. Then go to the flea market and to those “madmen” who get rid of the once scarce sideboards and armchairs for pickup (we recommend changing the upholstery). The main thing to remember: the interior of a grandmother’s apartment is not the same as a trendy retro design. Observe the measure.

Sustainability is on trend! Use live plants and succulents – they will not only decorate the house, but can also purify the air, moisturize it. If you plant spicy herbs, then they will also provide culinary needs.

The main fashion trends in interior design for 2023-2024 are in many ways a continuation of the general worldview trends of recent years. People are trying to make their homes an oasis of calm, inaccessible to the storms of the outside world and the endless streams of information. To help make the house truly cozy will help the shops of finishing materials of the shopping mall “Lanskoy”. Many employ professional designers, they are ready to answer all your questions.