9 ideas to decorate the walls of the bathroom

Tiles are not the only option to decorate the walls of the bathroom. Without detracting from the many possibilities that ceramics offer us, there are other alternatives to achieve original, different spaces brimming with charm. Here are some bathroom wall decor ideas that you will love. Put them into practice!

Combinations that succeedideas to decorate the walls of the bathroom

For decades the only option (or, at least, the most common by far) to decorate the walls of the bathroom has been the tiles. From the simple ones in a small format to the most advanced and original models, ceramics have usually been the most used material. However, the trend has changed and today we choose other types of coverings… or not!

There is no reason to give up the tiles. Choose them wisely, combine them with other materials and you will succeed. An example is the bathroom in the photo, with a combination of bottle green glazed tiles and patterned wallpaper on top.

Walls safe from moistureideas to decorate the walls of the bathroom

The first thing we must ask of a good bathroom wall covering is that it stoically support the humidity of these areas. Splashes, the water vapor that is produced with daily showers, etc. It is essential that the materials we use in the bathroom do not deteriorate due to humidity.

In the image, two totally resistant claddings have been combined : white metro-style tiles for the lower part, and a gray slatted PVC cladding on the upper part.

PVC coatings are highly recommended for the bathroom. You can place them with the slats vertically or horizontally, both at the bottom of the wall and at the top (this is what has been done in the bathroom in the photograph).

Wallpaper, why not?ideas to decorate the walls of the bathroom

One of the most decorative wall coverings that exists could not be missing in the bathroom. There are still many who think that a material such as wallpaper cannot be installed in wet areas. However, there is no problem in doing so as long as you choose the right one.

You should opt for vinyl paper: thanks to its composition and the film that covers its outer part, it does not deteriorate with humidity, it is washable and very resistant.

Wallpapering one of the bathroom walls (as long as it’s not the shower wall) is a quick and easy idea that you can do yourself in a weekend. Do you have tiles? No problem: cover the joints with a smoothing paste, let dry and then you can put the wallpaper on top.

Very funny contrastsideas to decorate the walls of the bathroom

If the walls of your bathroom are made of old, smooth and graceless tiles, and you cannot change them at the moment, the key to turning the space around is to find easy, original and super decorative solutions.

How to paint the joints of the tiles in a surprising and unusual color (yellow, as in the wall in the photo, can be a good option). The idea could not be easier nor the result more transformative.

To do this, choose an anti-moisture and anti-mold paint so that it lasts longer. Don’t worry if you get out of line when it comes to drawing straight lines at the tile joints: the plastic paint cleans easily on the surface of the tiles.

Self-decorating vinyl muralsideas to decorate the walls of the bathroom

Few materials achieve a transformative effect more quickly and easily than vinyl. Just by installing a mural on a wall in any room you can completely change the decoration.

This also happens in the bathroom: the vinyls are also suitable for placing in this type of space since they do not detach or deteriorate due to the effect of humidity. You can choose a mural for a wall, a border or a panel to place at the bottom, as a frieze.

Bet on a vegetable touchideas to decorate the walls of the bathroom

You already know that decorating the house with plants is an idea that is the order of the day. If you know the plant world well, you will know that there are very suitable species to grow in the bathroom, such as ferns, for example.

But if what you want is to decorate the walls in an original and different way, artificial plants may be your best option. You will only have to form a vegetal tapestry with them, covering part of the wall as you can see in the image. It’s the perfect way to disguise old-fashioned tiles. You dare?

Keep the orderideas to decorate the walls of the bathroom

If your bathroom, in addition to needing a change in the walls, needs solutions to maintain order, you can choose to install pegboards or perforated panels.

They are an alternative to overhanging shelves or shelves, and the perfect idea for decorating while keeping the things you use most in the bathroom close at hand. Find the appropriate corner and install one of these very practical panels.

A very original tileideas to decorate the walls of the bathroom

If you are looking for a practical and decorative coating for the walls of the bathroom, you can choose a tile like the one shown in the image: instead of being made up of a multitude of square tiles, the pieces are round, which gives it a special touch. different.

It is a glass material and can be finished in gloss or matt. You will find it available in a wide variety of colors. The pieces usually come in meshes of about 30×30 cm, they are easy to install, resistant and clean without any problem. The ideal is to combine it with larger format tiles to achieve a more dynamic and decorative result.

A brick wallideas to decorate the walls of the bathroom

Covering the four walls of the bathroom with exposed brick can be excessive, but it is always possible to choose one of them to install this material that harmonizes so well with some styles such as rustic or industrial.

Combine it with tile, paint, wallpaper, etc. And if it is too dark for you, you can always lighten it by painting it white. It is an idea that always works.