Decoration Trends 2022, A Cozy Home

The decoration trends 2022 must be understood within the context that we are living, a year 2021 in which we have spent more time at home than we would have ever imagined and that in this 2022 has left its mark, since all trends are focused on achieving a cozier and more comfortable home.Decoration Trends 2022, A Cozy Home

This 2022 has begun by reminding us of the importance of having our own space and care, hence many are also looking for their own home. And it is that if something has left us this 2020, it is the desire to have a house where one can feel good and at ease, either for rent in Madrid or looking for a new-build apartment in Barcelona, which is one of those wonderful cities that combines everything, from a great cultural and historical offer, to endless beaches and a very careful gastronomy, not to mention social, because it is a cosmopolitan and plural city, with the Advantages of a big city when looking for a job. But not only the migratory movement is generated in the big cities, there are also those who return to the town to return to other rhythms of life. Be that as it may, there is an inclination to change, a need for a place where one feels safe in times of uncertainty, so how do you achieve this through decoration?

Craftsmanship For Small Details

One of the trends that have surprised us the most is that handicrafts have become one of the protagonists for all the rooms in the home, be it crockery, vases, baskets, ceramic lamps… A trend that we love, well Everything made by hand has that spirit and that love that we will never find in industrial elaborations.

In addition, the craftsmanship is a reminder that no two pieces are exactly alike, that you do not look for absolute perfection in each of its pieces, since beauty, the pure and the authentic are found in those dissonant forms of symmetry.

Slow Deco, Sustainable Furniture

The furniture with natural materials create a completely different feel in every way. In this 2022 we not only find ourselves with a greater commitment to wooden furniture, among which you can find woods with a smell, visible grain or a feeling of robustness never seen before. There are also other materials such as wicker and rattan that will have more space in the house, not only in the summer time.

But it is not only that, this year there is a great commitment to take care of the environment through choosing more sustainable furniture, just as houses are being sought or modifying them to be more respectful with the environment.


Another way to achieve a cozy space is the use of rugs and, of course, the commitment to natural materials for them. You can find washable and handmade wool rugs that can decorate your rooms or living rooms, generating that feeling of wonderful warmth.

Plants Cannot Be Missing

If we are talking about creating cozy spaces, plants cannot be missing in your home, since their vitality and color are key to creating spaces that allow you to abstract yourself, it is as if you had your own jungle or garden inside your house.

In addition, they have another interesting advantage and that is that all plants provide oxygen, like many of them stand out because they clean the air, regulate humidity and filter many particles, so they are not only emotionally healthy but also healthy. physical level.

Change Of Textiles, If You Have A Low Budget

If you want to change the harmony of your home but you cannot afford to make a large economic investment in that project, one of the ways in which you can achieve it is by changing the textiles in your home.

We know that the colors in trend vary depending on each season but in general terms we are committed to creating spaces that convey the sensation of being spacious and bright, this is achieved with colors such as white, gray and beige providing color through the accessories. You can also incorporate colors from the terracotta or ocher range that combine very well with the previous ones, and are tones that always provide a feeling of warmth.