Home Decor Trends in 2022: what the post covid home will look like

Home Decor Trends in 2022Our habits and lifestyle at home have changed a lot lately. The keywords will be relaxation, intimacy and comfort. You will achieve this by mixing colors, choosing the right style and accessories. Experts from isdecortrends, a site specializing in home decoration, have identified eight home decor trends in 2022.

Interior colors of 2022Home Decor Trends in 2022

The color palettes that will be successful this year will convey serenity, calm and relaxation, but also joy and energy – everything we need!

  • Palette 1. The color combination of the comfort zone is made up of neutral but warm, welcoming and relaxing colors : beige, gray, taupe, mocha, camel, cream and ivory. They are soft and subtle shades that create a calming and relaxing base. We will find them in different patterns and shades, alternating tactile sensations between rough and soft, in wooden furniture and fabrics.
  • Palette 2. This palette is made up of brighter colors that communicate optimism, playfulness and audacity. It is a more glamorous palette that exploits contrasts, without being too bright and very balanced. Combine rich, warm colors like coral  and  rust  with  blue  and hints of  pink  in soft tones. It’s a fun, retro ’70s-inspired palette.
  • Palette 3. The third trend color scheme for 2022 also encourages calm and well-being. The shades are reminiscent of the earth and the forest, we find browns, terracotta  and different  shades of  green  ranging from lemongrass and eucalyptus green, to sage green and khaki. They are colors that create a relaxed atmosphere that takes away stress and anxiety. They provide a rustic touch that combines very well with the soft wood and textures.

Natural materialsHome Decor Trends in 2022

The rise of nature and sustainability will also be expressed in the materials that will go into fashion in 2022. Wood, linen, leather, marble, stone, clay and wool will be among the key materials  that can be used to create a comfortable and warm environment. The key will be the combination of fabrics and shapes – blankets and pillows stacked on the bed or sofa. At the center of the scene will also be recycled and bio materials.

In addition to natural materials, in terms of shapes, we find the trend of  rounded pieces  that give a soft and reassuring feeling. We will find them in sofas, armchairs, lamps and accessories of all kinds.

Furniture revisitedHome Decor Trends in 2022

We have all seen it at our grandparents’ home, and in 2022 we would like to see it at our home! Driven by the return of natural fibers and colors,  mesh furniture  will be one of the main decoration trends of 2022.

The main pieces will be the chairs, the sideboards but not only. The “cannage” material will also be perfect for table decoration. We will find it in all types of furniture and accessories, the ‘cannage’ will be the protagonist of 2022.

MaximalismHome Decor Trends in 2022

New and unmistakable, maximalism is returning to our homes. This trend is perfect for bolder decorations, as this style includes everything big, colorful and striking.

In maximalism there are no strict style rules, however, there are some elements that repeat themselves. Undoubtedly the main feature is the  mix of colors and patterns, while always choosing colors that match well with each other. Mix stripes with flowers and squares,  combine textures, like a velvet sofa with wool cushions. Complete the “look” with books and a large crystal lamp.

Scandinavian 2.0Home Decor Trends in 2022

The mixture of the Scandinavian style with the bohemian and relaxed style of the typical Californian style gives rise to a new term:  Scandifornian, which gives life to  clean, modern, bright, but also warm spaces. White walls, light wood, clean lines, mid-century hints, natural organic textures, and a measured color palette are some of the hallmarks that make Scandinavian a true must-have style in 2022.

A nice mix of styles that works in any home. The features are diverse: industrial elements, sustainable design, “boho” accessories and brass details, as well as details in black and natural materials such as wood or raffia. The result is a fresh, open and friendly style that works perfectly even outside of California or Scandinavia.

Industrial eleganceHome Decor Trends in 2022

The industrial style evolves and is renewed with a touch of elegance. The spaces are no longer cold and include elements that will give more warmth.

The materials and decorations that will create an elegant industrial look: leather, metal, glass walls, open shelves and structural elements such as beams. The most characteristic pieces of the industrial style are, without a doubt, the designer lamps and chairs. Iconic chairs and lamps are at the center of the decor, giving the room an air of sophistication. Among the most popular colors are grays and browns that contrast with whites and grays. All these elements will create an eclectic and timeless space.

New glamHome Decor Trends in 2022

In the new glam, the color palette is softened and includes more neutral tones that add warmth to rooms. Soft and delicate colors such as olive green, beige, dove gray and antique pink will be the most popular. Metallic details range from shiny gold or silver to matte metals. It’s an elegant and sophisticated style without being overwhelming. Continue to have the striking and attention-grabbing elements as soon as you see them, with glamorous shapes and materials like marble, silk, satin and velvet.

The impact is still luxurious, but with a more modern and timeless touch. Furniture and home accessories are more cosmopolitan and artistic. These include mid-century sideboards, large art-shaped furniture, movable lamps, XXL artwork and eye-catching vases.

The retro style of the 70s and 90sHome Decor Trends in 2022

A wave of orange, pink, green and blue colors is coming with this year’s novelties. The corners are becoming rounded and the plastic is becoming “chic”. Without a doubt, the retro style of the 70s and 90s will be one of the main decoration trends of 2022.

The 1970s will be the favorite decade of 2022. The “must haves”  of this style are: round ceiling lights, pop mirrors and armchairs of all colors. The iridescent color will also be an emblem of 2022 to bring energy and optimism.

The 90s style is fun and expressive. In the style of the 90s, the play of colors, the ‘prints’, the velvet, the denim fabric, the geometric patterns and the neon elements cannot be missing. The iconic accessories of the decade such as poufs, colored glass or lava lamps, will return in 2022.