How To Choose The Color Of The Kitchen And The Combination Of Shades

How To Choose The Color Of The Kitchen And The Combination Of ShadesMany of those who make repairs in an apartment are faced with a problem: what color of the kitchen and the combination with other shades will suit the overall interior. You can make your choice by contacting the designer or independently studying the photos with examples of kitchen decoration. This will help you understand in which direction to move when creating an interior.

What Color To Choose For Kitchen DecorationHow To Choose The Color Of The Kitchen And The Combination Of Shades

Designers advise to build on the size of the room. If the kitchen area is small, then it is better to use light colors in the interior. They will visually increase the space. Dark shades look advantageous only in a spacious room. In small kitchens, they begin to “crush”.

Kitchens in milk, beige and whiteHow To Choose The Color Of The Kitchen And The Combination Of Shades

The most common design option for kitchens is in a milky color. It adds coziness and warmth to the room, therefore it is recommended to use such shades in rooms with windows facing north.

If the kitchen gets a lot of sunlight, you can choose a colder color combination for it.

As a basis, you can take white tiles for the floor and walls. Also in this color, the frame and facade of the kitchen set are often performed. You can dilute the light interior with a countertop in a blue, green or other dark cold shade. In contrast to the snow kitchen, this will look advantageous.

An excellent design solution when decorating the dining area of the room will be the use of bright pieces of furniture. It can be a table with an unusual finish or multi-colored inserts. Chairs with a dark frame and bright seats will fit well in a white kitchen.

The beige color goes well with both light and dark shades of brown, burgundy and gray. In order to make a choice, designers advise to look at photos of finished kitchen interiors in furniture catalogs. This will help you get inspired and understand your desires.

A bright kitchen will require careful and more frequent maintenance – you need to be prepared for this.

Black kitchen – a stylish solutionHow To Choose The Color Of The Kitchen And The Combination Of Shades

Black color in the interior of any room looks stylish. However, it should be used when decorating a large kitchen, since it visually narrows the space.

A profitable solution when decorating the interior of the dining area will be a black kitchen set with matte facades. A beige wooden table top is suitable for combination with this color. In the design of the apron, you can use black matte or glossy tiles. The dining area is complemented by a round wooden table and vintage chairs in beige.

Blue and cyan colorsHow To Choose The Color Of The Kitchen And The Combination Of Shades

Designers advise to decorate rooms with windows facing the sunny side in cold shades. In this case, blue and cyan colors are great. The matte finish of the facades of the kitchen set will look more advantageous and stylish. It is better not to do a monochromatic kitchen in these shades.

You can dilute the blue color:

  • light and dark gray;
  • white;
  • beige;
  • silver;
  • light brown;
  • black;
  • yellow;
  • gold;
  • lemon;
  • orange.

It is better to decorate chairs, aprons, free walls and open shelves in these colors. Household appliances will look stylish if you buy everything in the same color, for example, black or silver. There is no need to mix two metallic shades in the same space. It will look ridiculous.

Should You Use Bright Colors When Decorating Your Kitchen?How To Choose The Color Of The Kitchen And The Combination Of Shades

During the renovation of the apartment, many people think about which color of the kitchen to choose. Looking at the photographs, the first thing that catches the eye is bright kitchens with multi-colored facades of headsets and floor tiles. But designers are not advised to immediately repeat such interior solutions.

Bright colors can quickly get bored, so when decorating the interior of this room, it is better to use calmer shades: beige, gray, brown. In order not to mentally get tired of colorful aprons, walls and floors, it is better to choose accessories of a rich color.

It can be:

  1. Sofa and chair cushions.
  2. Potholders and towels.
  3. Cabinet door handles.
  4. Cutlery and knives, if visible.
  5. Spice storage boxes.

The cost of kitchen utensils allows you to change them more often. New accessories will refresh the room and inspire the hostess for the cooking process every time. When you eat, bright colors won’t irritate.

Bright colors can be neutralized so they don’t get annoying. For example, white goes well with red.

How To Choose The Right Color CombinationsHow To Choose The Color Of The Kitchen And The Combination Of Shades

The first rule that all designers are advised to adhere to: do not use more than 3-5 colors when decorating a room. It only applies to the main surfaces of the kitchen:

  1. Paul.
  2. Ceiling.
  3. Sten.
  4. Headset.
  5. Apron.
  6. Furniture.
  7. Household appliances.

The colors of these planes should be neutral and close in shade to each other. There should be 3 colors, no more. The remaining 2 can be bright or dark. However, don’t forget about the combination.

The color wheel helps you create a finished palette. However, they also need to be able to use them. There are three main schemes that will help you quickly select shades and combine them stylishly with each other.

Scheme number 1 helps you find contrasting colors. They are located in a circle opposite each other. So you can create a bright and harmonious interior or choose the right accessories for a monochrome kitchen. However, picking only 2 colors from the circle is not enough. You will need to dilute the interior with muted or fresh shades. In this case, it is better to use white.

Monochromatic combination is a section of one shade. For example, blue, which becomes pure white closer to the middle. A monochrome kitchen will always look stylish and elegant. In order for the room not to turn out to be boring, some surfaces can be made textured:

  1. Lay out the apron with brick tiles.
  2. Install the carved door.
  3. Choose fronts with different recesses and glass.

A versatile kitchen design with a color wheel – harmonious combinations. They are located next to each other. It is worth choosing three adjacent colors so that the interior of the room looks stylish. But in this case, you will need to make bright accents.

What Colors Increase AppetiteHow To Choose The Color Of The Kitchen And The Combination Of Shades

Some psychologists believe that warm shades whet the appetite. For this reason, in order to maintain a figure, it is better to decorate the kitchen interior in cold colors. However, do not forget about comfort. The room, the windows of which face the north side, it is still better to decorate in warm colors so that the meal is enjoyable.


During the renovation, you can choose the color of the kitchen and determine its combination with other colors yourself, without seeking help from a professional designer. If you adhere to the established rules and look at several design examples, then you can create a stylish interior.

To facilitate the task, you should use the color wheel. It allows you to choose monochrome or contrasting combinations. It should also be remembered that you cannot use more than 3-5 colors together when decorating a space.