Popular Indoor Plants. They Are Trend

All plants have their innate beauty, each with its own properties, characteristics and advantages, but as with everything else, indoor plants also enter the trend circle, and now, fashionable flowers and plants for this 2022, that is, the plants that are trending, are these that we are going to see below.

Monstera Deliciosa or Adam’s RibPopular Indoor Plants. They Are Trend

This plant has been a trend for several years now, as we saw in this article, but it is still at the forefront of the forefront when it comes to indoor plants. If you have an Instagram or Pinterest profile, you will have noticed that it is one of the most viewed and used plants.

A beautiful and exotic tropical climbing plant that comes from the rainforests of Mexico and Argentina. This indoor plant is a decorative must-have.

Caring for Monstera deliciosa :

It is a very simple plant to care for. It needs a lot of natural but not direct light, that is, it needs to be in spaces where there is a lot of light, but not directly in the sun.

In a well-drained pot and waiting for the soil to dry out before watering it again, the plant can last us many years, even decades. If you need more specific information to control watering, note: In winter, twice a week is enough; and in summer 3 irrigation a week. Of course, if you see that the land is completely dry, it needs water, whatever days have passed.

Let’s look at another trendy plant.

Sansevieria or Tiger’s Tongue are some of the most common namesPopular Indoor Plants. They Are Trend

This is one of the most loved plants indoors since it is a very resistant plant that hardly needs care, in addition to being one of the plants that purifies the air the most. This beautiful and characteristic plant withstands dry, hot climates, with little light, and little irrigation.

This plant adapts very well to contemporary décor as its defined contours and sharp profile blends perfectly with today’s most modern spaces.

Sansevieria care :

This plant does not require much water, in fact, in excess it can be fatal. For good maintenance and care it is advisable to water it once every two weeks in summer and once a month in winter. As you can see, it is a plant that will not take up much time and its beauty will adorn any corner of the home.

Alocacia Macrorrhizos or Elephant EarPopular Indoor Plants. They Are Trend

There is a great variety of these types of plants, but indoor alocasia and alocasia polly are two of the varieties that can be seen the most all over the internet right now. This beautiful plant native to the humid tropics can be grown both indoors and outdoors. And, as a detail, it is one of my favorite plants, in fact the one in the image above these lines is the one I have in my house.

Alocasia care :

This plant needs constant humidity. The irrigation of this plant must be more constant than that of the previous plants that we have seen so far. The earth must always be moist and we must not allow it to dry out. So watering it every 3 days and spraying its leaves with water will keep it healthy and precious.

It needs a lot of light, but never direct sunlight; as well as not putting it near radiators or other sources of dry heat.

Although it is precious, this plant is dangerous for animals. It is a toxic plant for them, so you have to be very careful not to suck or eat it. Discover these  15 toxic plants for animals.

Pilea Peperomioides or Money PlantPopular Indoor Plants. They Are Trend

Along with alocasia and monstera deliciosa it is another of my favorite plants. They have a very attractive decorative power. Its small size is perfect to place it in any corner as long as it meets the needs of the plant.

Pilea Peperomioides care :

It needs frequent watering without the substrate or soil getting waterlogged. Basically the water always has to be wet.

It also needs a lot of light, but never direct light. Place it in a very bright place away from direct sunlight or its leaves will burn.

FernPopular Indoor Plants. They Are Trend

This other beautiful plant with its infinite varieties is one of the oldest plants that exist on our planet and, even so, today, in the XXI century, it is a trend in decoration. It will be because of its beauty, because of its great variety or because it is one of the plants that purifies the air the most, eliminating 1863 toxins from the air every hour, according to several studies. And considered one of the plants that improve mood.

Fern care :

They need abundant humidity since this plant comes from warm and humid areas. This means that watering must be frequent to keep the soil or substrate always moist. We must not let the earth be dry. Thus, she will tell us when to water it: Before the earth dries up. We must also spray the leaves with water in the hottest months, keeping the plant cool and humid.

Regarding the light they need, it must be abundant, but never directly from the sun. It must be kept in bright places avoiding the sunlight.

Elastic FicusPopular Indoor Plants. They Are Trend

This plant from the tropical jungles of Asia is one of the most used plants in the interior since forever. Its enormous leaves and the great height that they can reach, makes them ideal for the interior, being able to cover entire walls, if the plant is cared for well.

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Elastic ficus care :

It needs a lot of light, but like the rest of the plants we’ve seen so far, it shouldn’t be direct.

Regarding the watering of the ficus elastica, it needs to be frequent to always keep the soil moist. The plant will indicate the frequency of irrigation. Before it dries, you have to water it.

CactusPopular Indoor Plants. They Are Trend

This other plant has also been hitting very hard in decoration for several years. Originally from America, today we can find it all over the world in countless varieties and sizes. As a curiosity, cacti are able to resurrect. In the desert, they can go long periods without water. The cactus begins to shrink until, if it still does not receive water, it is uprooted from the ground so that the little water that remains is not absorbed by the earth. It can take weeks as well, even years, and when it rains again, it has the ability to re-root itself to the ground and return to its natural state.

Cactus care

As you may have guessed or already know, cacti hardly need care and they perfectly withstand heat and drought. But only if necessary, so we will take care of keeping your soil moist. Watering them once a week in summer and once every fifteen days in winter is usually enough, but we must be vigilant in case the plant asks for more water.

Regarding the sun, although they can resist it, it is better not to hit them directly so that they grow healthy and without problems. They need a lot of natural light, but not direct.

SucculentsPopular Indoor Plants. They Are Trend

Along with cacti, succulents have become a true revolution in interior decoration. There has been a real “boom” that has flooded all the houses and social networks of succulents, and this year, they are still in the gap.

Due to its great variety of species, we have at our disposal a wide range of colors, textures and shapes to decorate any corner of the home.

Succulents care :

These plants need little water since they are able to absorb moisture from the air, retaining it in their leaves. So too much water can be lethal for them. With one watering per week in summer and one watering every two weeks in winter it will be enough.

Succulents need a lot of light but never direct as they need to stay hydrated and save water reserves and if the light gives them directly they will not be able to perform this vital function.

What do you think of these plants? Do you have any in your home or which do you use to beautify and purify the environment of your home?