Discover the 2025 Furniture Trends

Discover the 2022 Furniture Trends

If there is one word that will accompany us throughout 2025, it is “simplicity” which will be accompanied by many others, including “functionality”.

This depends on the fact that in 2025, after a very “special” 2024, we rediscovered our homes, our refuge, created our spaces and, above all, changed our habits.

We expect 2025 to be a (very) different year from the one that has just ended and in furnishing we will have characteristic trends that are linked to what we have learned from the year that has just ended. We spent a lot of time at home, rediscovered the pleasure of living our environments and appreciated the little things more. This is also reflected in the new decoration trends, aimed at bringing well-being and creating a natural, simple environment that speaks to us.

Natural and sustainable elements: let’s take care of our planetDiscover the 2022 Furniture Trends

The importance of having a natural environment and sustainable pieces at home has gradually grown over the years to become one of the top furniture trends for 2025. And it is something that we cannot help but like. The fact that more and more people understand the importance of sustainability and the protection of our planet changes the point of view of each of us for the better, who, acquiring the awareness of environmental protection, will be led to choose noble, natural and sustainable materials. It is important to always bet on recycled and recyclable materials, producing products with awareness, not only in the selection of materials but also using artisanal techniques and that the wood used has different certifications depending on the origin,

And this is why 2025 will certainly be the year of wood in its purest essence. It is a material that continues to be in trend, both for rustic-style rooms, but also in more modern environments. Furthermore, its peculiarity is that, being a natural material, each piece has shades and veins typical of the wood itself and this makes it unique and unrepeatable.

We already know what our good resolution will be for the new year: making conscious and sustainable choices. Why not start with your home?

A handcrafted piece, a plus of authenticityDiscover the 2022 Furniture Trends

Whether it’s textile accessories such as cushions or rugs, or wooden furniture, handmade pieces are essential if you want to add style to your interior decoration. The fibers and wood processed in good hands give incredible results and create a unique and authentic environment that speaks to you. And this is why PET rugs (a material made up of fibers obtained from recycled plastic bottles recovered from the ocean), natural materials such as 100% organic cotton, wood, glass are back to being a must-have. is recyclable, but, above all, production using artisanal techniques is back in trend.

There are small gestures that give excellent results for the good of the environment. You can change the lighting in your home with LED bulbs or choose a PET carpet, for your living room to keep the planet cleaner.

If you’re redecorating your home, choose solid wood from sustainable forests with controlled logging, and 100% organic cotton textile accessories. It is important that nature enters your home environment with products that are as unique and authentic as you are.

Neutral colors, colors for a relaxing feelingDiscover the 2022 Furniture Trends

Following the minimalist trend already present in 2020, also this year the search for a simple, Scandinavian and oriental or Japandi style is reconfirmed.

We know that neutral colors follow these trends and are always a hit: light gray, white or beige will suit any area of the house. In addition, they are relaxing shades that favor the brightness of the rooms. Choose them for the upholstery of your armchair or sofa and combine them with glass tables to keep your spaces feeling more spacious. To complete the decoration, you can add different cushions respecting the chromatic combination. Why not choose our 100% natural cotton pillow cases. In this way, on a social level, everyone will contribute to safeguarding the environment.

Now we propose a trend for your life: indulge yourself… and a lot. Take care of yourself and your loved ones. And above all, make the most of your home by furnishing it with natural and functional design pieces.