Interior of the future: what will be relevant in 2022

Interior of the future: what will be relevant in 2022Time will tell what new interior fashion items will burst into the pages of glossy magazines, and then into houses and apartments in the next 2022. It is still too early to compile the TOP interior trends for next year, but now you can safely rely on a number of trends that will not lose their relevance in interior design 2021.

Let there be colorInterior of the future: what will be relevant in 2022

In 2021, the Pantone Color Institute declared Classic Blue as their favorite. A year earlier, a trend was Living Coral ( Live Coral ), which in turn took  place shade Ultra Violet ( UV)   – the favorite in 2018.

It is difficult to say what color will win the pedestal from the “classic blue” in 2022. But already now you can make a list of interior shades that will definitely not lose their relevance.

First of all, it is a dark green range. Calm herbal shades by their nature cannot be an eyesore and are clearly not going to go out of fashion, they will find a place for themselves in any interior style.

Among the current shades in interior design 2022 will also be present: Quiet Wave (quiet wave), AI Aqua (aquamarine), Lemon Sherbet (lemon sherbet), Oxy Fire (fiery), Good Gray (neutral gray). This was announced by WSGN analysts, trend forecasting experts and Coloro experts.

Closer to natureInterior of the future: what will be relevant in 2022

They are not going to give up the position of eco-trends in the interior. Natural eco-friendly materials are in trend. Wood, metal and glass are replacing plastic from interiors, synthetics are being replaced by natural fabrics. Wooden surfaces with minimal processing, natural stone, ceramics, living plants, wicker furniture and rattan accessories are relevant.

Decorative prints also gravitate towards flora and fauna. In modern interiors, images of animals, birds and flowers are found. Tropical and African motives have become an unconditional trend of the outgoing year – this trend promises to be continued in the new year.

Interior designers are confident that the attraction to nature will manifest itself not only in materials and decor, but also in furniture forms and interior geometry.

Internal kitchenInterior of the future: what will be relevant in 2022

Marble is slowly losing ground and leaving the interiors of modern kitchens. One of the latest trends is the textured finish of kitchen sets.

Painted and film surfaces are being replaced by coatings that imitate natural materials: stone, brick, concrete and wood. The lighting of hanging shelves, cabinets and a kitchen apron is still relevant.

What else is happening with the kitchen in 2018? It is becoming more and more like a living room and less like a kitchen. This is facilitated by the popular open layouts that combine the kitchen and living area. Living room design elements flow into the kitchen interior. Hanging kitchen cabinets partially slide out, freeing up space for open shelves with lighting, where the same non-kitchen decor can be placed.

The filling of the lower tiers of the storage system, in turn, becomes more thoughtful and allows you to place more functionality.

Delicate glamorInterior of the future: what will be relevant in 2022

Glamor is returning to modern interiors, but it does so with delicacy. It’s not about eccentric leopard prints and the uncontrollable luxury of European-quality renovations, but about the elegant Art Deco from the 1920s. This trend has entered the world of interior design following a hot trend of the last few years – geometric prints, to which this style has always gravitated.

Art Deco in modern interiors is not inclined to show itself in all its splendor a la The Great Gatsby. Separate elements of style acquire a second wind: contrasting contours, gilded details, mirrors in the shape of the sun and symmetrical organization of space.

The glamor of the 20s is dosed into modern interior styles, comfortably settles in neoclassicism, it is interestingly contrasted with the minimalism of the Scandinavian style and the brutality of the loft.

IndividualityInterior of the future: what will be relevant in 2022

In the era of scarcity, the Soviet person practically did not have the opportunity to individualize the interior for himself. The furnishings of the apartment consisted of what they could get. It was possible to add variety only with my own hands. Literally. Homespun textiles, crocheted napkins and other handmade items from the times of our grandmothers were the only way to personalize the interior.

The Soviet deficit was replaced by European-style renovations, the main task of which was not to individualize the space for oneself, but to acquire an interior “like people’s”.

Today, the luxury of individualization in the interior is available to everyone. This trend is favored by free access to craft designer furniture and decorative elements. Even the mass market strives to produce products that can be “customized” for themselves by changing the arrangement of shelves, light bulbs, etc. Modern modular designs, the elements of which can be built to your taste, also favor individuality in the interior.

It is safe to say that the reflection of individuality is the main path of development of the modern world of interior fashion.

Interior design 2022Interior of the future: what will be relevant in 2022

It is important to understand that trends and trends are not created by specially trained people – they are in the air. The Pantone Color Institute, choosing the shade of the year, does not poke a finger at a palette at random, but analyzes public tastes and preferences.

Art Deco glamor burst into the world of interior fashion between two devastating wars, when people wanted to enjoy the fruits of a peaceful life. Fashion is a mirror that reflects the mood and desires of society at the current moment in history. But it’s also a fun game where we either accept the rules or we don’t. And there are those who come up with their own. Paradoxically, it is often they who become the progenitors of new fashion trends.

What changes will 2022 bring to the world of interior design? Time will tell. But the main rule remains the same: the interior should be a comfortable space for its inhabitants, even when ideas about comfort run counter to fashion trends.