Modern Living Room Decoration Trends 2022-2023

Modern Living Room Decoration Trends 2022-2023The  living room is probably the most used living room in the house to spend most of the day. That is why it is essential that its decoration is in such a way that it captivates the people of the family and visitors, making them feel comfortable and comforted. That is why we will give you some ideas for decorating living rooms, their layout and design.

The  living room is the center of our home, therefore, it is important to have a pleasant and practical design for everyone who lives at home. They are fun to decorate and should be functional, trying to make the most of your space.

Room decoration stylesModern Living Room Decoration Trends 2022-2023

The cozy living rooms are those that, through the use of colors and decoration accessories, manage to give the living room a pleasant and comfortable appearance. We will show you some styles to inspire you.


A very simple way to get an original living room decoration is to mix vintage elements with the furniture you already have at home. For example, a central table with a retro air, painted in a striking color, giving an interesting touch to the living room.

This is a retro-style  living room decoration trends 2022 whose charm is the mixture of colors and patterns. Even the armchairs are of a different color. The rug adds an interesting touch to this living room and unifies all the disparate elements.

A traditional style living room can be added a different touch. In this case a coffee table that was an industrial cart, decorated with lush vases adds interest.

Also think about the small details that you can change in an inexpensive way. You can buy old frames, globes, old wooden boxes and place plants in bright colors.


Inspired by a rustic log cabin style, this living room displays lots of wood, some antique designer pieces, and very modern furniture.

In this other living room a few different details have been added, such as wicker chairs and lots of plants.

This could be said to be a more rustic style, incorporating ethnic elements. A single red cushion, contrasts with the rest of the decoration that has remained neutral: white, black and beige.

Scandinavian living rooms

Room with a mix of Nordic and contemporary. With some decorations and pictures that let the imagination of those who pass by.

Natural woods combined with black or white elements are one of the most defined trends.

Mid-century modern style

The mid-century modern style is recognized through the simple, clean lines of the furniture and the geometric design on fabrics and décor items. It’s a clean, clutter-free style. The furniture is made of wood and the wall art is graphic or geometric. Graphic prints have patterns and texture. They are very comfortable living rooms, perfect for a moment of relaxation.

The essential piece to achieve a  living room in this style is the sofa. Large modular sofas can be an excellent option, since we can accommodate them to our space and available measurements.

Then the center table, the TV stand and shelves on the wall. This basic set is the one that will give comfort and functionality to our living room. We must also bear in mind that a minimalist style will help us achieve this look, as well as neutral colors.

Minimalist living rooms

Minimalism is not just a way to decorate the home. It is a philosophy of life inspired by oriental cultures. The main idea of this philosophy is that with a minimum of furniture and objects in a living room, there will be more energy in the space. Therefore, the living room, a meeting place, is a perfect place to apply this philosophy, and thus achieve a positive and energetic space.

Minimalist modern interior design is becoming more and more popular, especially in big cities and urban areas. The basic elements of this decorative style include reducing the number of furniture to a minimum, which eliminates excess decoration and optimizes functionality.

The minimalist design is perfect for open interiors filled with natural light.

Typical materials for minimalist decoration include concrete, glass, metals such as aluminum, stainless steel and chrome, wood, stone, artificial materials such as vinyl, PVC or acrylic. Some black polished natural stones, such as marble or basalt, are very popular.

The luminaires are another important element. They should not be too sophisticated. Decoration accessories are minimal.

The emphasis is on the contrast between light and dark. The different shades of white, black, gray and blue are the most used.


A mix of styles, sometimes it doesn’t hurt. A bit of pop and industrial art can make a good match if you know how to handle colors.

Living Room FurnitureModern Living Room Decoration Trends 2022-2023


The most prestigious interior fair in the world, Salone del Mobile in Milan, showed us a lot of trends for 2022-2023, which were highlighted by a combination of history and future, high technology and nature. These opposites combine to achieve proposals of great comfort and elegance.

The armchairs and sofas are the protagonists par excellence in the living room. Salone del Mobile definitely focused on one particular trend: a comfortable elegance in keeping with the Danish concept of ‘hygge’, which means a cozy and friendly atmosphere, mixed with a totally Italian take on sophisticated style.

The armchairs are soft, oval in shape, and what is new is that the design of the outdoor armchair fits perfectly into the interior atmosphere. The rugs are faded, abstractly, with floral and geometric patterns and the ethnic motif is still present.

Wood is the dominant material, and various metals such as copper, brass and chrome, indispensable details in the furniture elements, which in combination with other materials such as glass, provide a very sophisticated and stylish atmosphere.

Old reupholstered sofas are being used a lot. Roche Bobois has been proposing this kind of concept for years, but few dare. In 2022 and 2023, it will be time to make use of a good selection of fabrics on the market and seek the service of an upholsterer.

Brown leather is another standout material. It is easy to combine with all colors, both cold and warm. If you want to invest a good sum for the long term, brown leather is timeless and a very good bet, as it never goes out of style.

TV cabinets

The TV cabinets are simple in design but rich in materials. They are accompanied by comfortable low-back sofas, with elegant slim legs, following the style of the 50s onwards.

Coffee table

The coffee tables are a composition of elements of different dimensions and materials, and are dominated by metal and wood.

Sculptural coffee tables. More than just a functional object, coffee tables almost act like art this year.

Room decoration ornaments and accessoriesModern Living Room Decoration Trends 2022-2023

The rest of the secondary decoration will be done according to the basic principles of the style that you choose. Decorating the living room with small furniture and accessories will be essential to make the living room look cozy and beautiful. Solitary corners can be enlivened with plants and lighting elements.

Something very comfortable and that gives a chic touch as well as romantic, is to make a reading corner. Choose the place with the most light in your living room, a table and a comfortable armchair, it is also interesting to acquire a lamp with dim light, and enjoy.

Remember that the most important thing to achieve an original and beautiful decoration of living rooms is to think on the one hand about comfort, and then enjoy the work done and with the purpose that you have achieved.

Whether it’s ceramics, artwork, or books, you can create a sample of your favorite items and add interest to the living room. A bookcase like the one we see above, from Ikea, has glass doors, which allow you to see everything that is inside.

These types of shelves can be illuminated, creating a very interesting focal point.

You can hang a picture or two on one of the walls and add interest to the living room. Try to match the colors of the canvas with the accessories and furniture.

Walls decorated with watercolor are being used a lot. It is reinvented to be projected in a large format. We love its transparency effects and the light it emits. Impossible not to be happy in a place where organic and floral tones are proposed.

You can introduce organic shapes, hinting at the curves of the leaves or the fine sculptural lines of the delicate foliage. Simple designs and strong, glossy surfaces achieve a contemporary look.

You can decorate the walls with geometric panels in soft colors. The colors of the furniture harmonize with the colors of the wall.

Faded rugs are all the rage. The worn look makes for a precious and authentic item. The rugs blend easily into any interior style, from a contemporary to a classic setting. Raspberry shades with khaki accents are used a lot this year.

Textures, pompoms and fringes are being widely used in decoration. Bring a little fun and a bohemian touch at the same time, with tassels and pompoms, both on the curtains and the cushions.

Cheap decoration for living roomsModern Living Room Decoration Trends 2022-2023

Next, we will give you some ideas to inspire you to make a cheap decoration in the living room. A colorful wall in your  living room can transform the atmosphere with very little money and effort.

If the sofa is aged or has a very old upholstery, the covering can be changed cheaply. Several stores offer a wide variety of fabrics.

Consider updating the lighting in your  living room. Light is very important as it creates the mood. In large decoration stores, you can find very cheap options.

You can also opt for walls with wallpaper. You can place it in a section of the wall in order not to overload the atmosphere. Whether it’s retro, floral, or geometric, it can bring a ton of flair to the living room.

Buy a canvas to paint, some brushes and paint, roll up your sleeves and get to work. There are many easy techniques to compose a good canvas.

A collection of objects is also an inexpensive way to add interest to a decoration.

Bonsai, yucca, ficus… there are many varieties of green plants, which, in addition to being very inexpensive, are a very simple way to make a living room look nice and pleasant.

Cushions are inexpensive items. Therefore, it is a good way to decorate your  living room without spending too much. You can also simply change their covers.

Design in the decoration of  living roomsModern Living Room Decoration Trends 2022-2023

If you want to give a new air to the heart of your home, and you do not know very well where to start, or you have not yet considered how you are going to achieve it, we provide you with some ideas to achieve a beautiful and functional living room decoration.

Define activities that take place in the living room

To begin, a list should be made of the activities that the family performs daily in the living room in order of time devoted and importance. Then make another list with the furniture or appliances that are needed for each activity.

Choose a focal point

The next step is to choose a focal point in the living room, around it the rest of the furniture will revolve. This can be anything that is the most striking thing in the living room. It can be the fireplace, a painting, a window, an armchair or whatever seems convenient to you.

Distribute the furniture

After this begins the layout of where each piece of furniture will be. Here we must keep several points in mind. Do not overfill the living room, take care that both the windows and doors can be opened wide, leave the pathways well defined, if possible place auxiliary tables next to the armchairs or a coffee table, among many other tips.

All of this should be pointing to your chosen focal point. In case there is more than one focal point and the living room is large, two subspaces can be created within the same living room.

Space measurements

Calculate the size of the living room and prepare a list of all the furniture. This will ensure that you don’t buy items that are too big or too small.

Choose the sofa

Pick something elegant. The material, color and design of the sofa will enhance the style and atmosphere of our  living room. The width of the wall that is going to be used to place the sofa is an important element to consider, as it will affect the entire presentation of the living room.


Today’s televisions are slim and can be easily mounted on the wall and used as the auxiliary furniture of the television for storage, such as: video consoles, decoders and other items. Today’s audiovisual systems are multi-functional and include television, multimedia PC, speakers, amplifiers, DVD / CD, etc.

Conference living room

To create an intimate living room, perfect for sharing and meeting with loved ones, the best option is to place the furniture in a way that helps to generate this good atmosphere. For this, you must place the armchairs and chairs relatively close and free the space in the rest of the living room.

The seating places should form a rounded figure to be able to converse more comfortably. It is also good that all the seats have reach to the center table. Lastly, light up the gathering round with lamps.

Living room with play areas

If it is a family living room, it can be organized so that they can socialize without having to be doing the same activity, something perfect for the youngest members of the household. You can create entertainment zones, that you can comfortably play video games and that television can be watched by everyone comfortably.

Living room with children’s areas

If you have small children, you can create a small space for them to have their play area, and you can relax and socialize with the rest of the family without losing sight of them.

TV living rooms

If at home you watch television in a group, such as sports or movies, the best option is that all the attention is taken by television. You must ensure that all seats have a good view.

Reading living room

Finally, we show you a reading living room. Comfortable sofas to be able to spend a long time enjoying a good book. It is also important to include a television for those nights that there is a good program, but certainly the television should not be the focal point of the living room.

Living rooms in the basementModern Living Room Decoration Trends 2022-2023

We leave you here some ideas so that your interior living room shines with the same force as a living room full of windows.

Opt for lots of lighting. Keeping the living room well lit will make up for the lack of windows.

The walls and ceiling should be beautifully decorated. This will make the living room appear larger and more open.

Pick a focal point for the  living room. To order the furniture you are going to look towards the focal point. The goal is to draw attention to the focal point and lose attention to the lack of a window.

Add artwork to add more color to the walls and enhance the theme of your décor. Make the most of empty walls by using the space available for paintings, tapestries, and even a mural. Include several brightly colored pieces in your décor. Colorful pillows, candles or rugs keep the living room devoid of natural light from looking dull.

You can install a fireplace in the  living room. A fireplace brings warmth and character to a living room while giving the area a sense of comfort. No one will notice the lack of a window if their attention is immediately drawn to a cozy fire.

Use different colors in different areas. Using colors in groups causes the eye to travel around the living room and land on the color schemes, rather than the empty walls.

Colors in the decoration of living roomsModern Living Room Decoration Trends 2022-2023

It is important before making decisions to get a sample of the color and apply it to a small portion of the wall to get an idea of what it will look like.


Shades of green, from grass to petrol green, can be paired with yellow and various shades of gray. The base color is always gray, in all shades.

A bamboo-green sofa and blue-patterned cushions punctuate the mostly neutral décor.


Blue and white stripes give this living room a nautical look.

Cooler style, but with an interesting elegance. With a cool color play and gold metal details.

The nautical theme alternated with white bases and very soft pastel colors create an environment with an incomparable freshness.

Think about your preferred color, the overall style, and the theme of your home. You can combine or contrast the white walls with blue cushions.


The shades of white are used this year as a neutral, especially on the walls, to highlight the touches of color, for example green.

If the decor is very pale and neutral, you can add color and life with colorful rugs and plants.

A simple clean living room adds charm to antique pieces, such as an antique ceiling lamp and a vintage sideboard.

A simple black and white decoration looks very beautiful. Huge windows expand the small space available in this living room.

A calm, neutral color scheme can be enlivened with contemporary prints. Windows with translucent curtains, or directly without curtains, allow light to flow in.

The first thing you have to think about when giving a new look to your living room is the color of your walls, now bright colors are very popular, combining them with furniture in light tones, or vice versa. For example, you can paint the walls white, with colored cushions and rugs.

The conjunction of all the good details came together in this living room. Warm, cozy, cheerful but soft colors and wood details.


The walls can be renewed with the blush color. This old pink inspires softness and looks very vintage chic.

The pink color can only be used in some decoration details.


Many people are often afraid to wear dark colors, believing that they can feel suffocated. If dosed correctly, darker colors will drive away the walls to which they are applied.

A central table in gold tones illuminates the deep grays of this living room. Paintings in light tones also illuminate this space.