Trends In Modern Living Rooms 2022

Trends In Modern Living Rooms 2022Opting for a modern style for the living room is an excellent idea if you like tidy spaces, simple furniture with straight lines… And, above all, that they look big and allow you to enjoy the time you spend in it to the fullest!

Is it what you’re looking for? In that case, pay attention… why we are going to reveal to you what the trends will be in decorating modern living rooms in 2022!

Decoration of modern living rooms in 2022, what will be the new trends?

Exactly what are the features that modern living rooms will have in 2022? Keep reading and you will discover them!

ColorsTrends In Modern Living Rooms 2022

Neutral colors once again play a very important role when dressing the walls of a living room. Especially shades like grey, pearl grey, off-white or black.

The incorporation of cold and warm tones is relieved to the furniture, so that they have their own role. Of course it is not mandatory and, if you prefer, you can go for the classics such as white, gray or beige.


Doesn’t the idea of painting the living room appeal to you? Do you find it boring? One of the great trends in the decoration of modern living rooms in 2022 will be the marble coating. Especially on the wall intended for entertainment, and will add character and style to the decoration.

If you are looking for something simpler, wood is still one of the preferred options by designers, oak or pine. Would you like to combine the modern with the classic? Take a risk with walls with moldings!


If you are not going to bet on wood on the wall, why not pave the entire floor with parquet? It is a very resistant material, with personality and that helps the space appear larger.

Or, did you know that carpets are back in fashion? Cover the entire floor of the room with a carpet in a neutral tone to achieve that feeling of spaciousness.

Harmony between living room and dining room

Normally, when a dining room is decorated, an attempt is made to divide each zone, to create two well-differentiated spaces in the room.

In 2022? The trend will be to achieve harmony between both zones by eliminating any separation. The same floor for both areas, the same rug or carpet. The dining room becomes one more part of the living room, without stealing prominence from the leisure area.

The point of this? Ensure that there is an interaction between both areas, so that communication is not cut off.

The chaise longue gains great prominence

What is the best sofa for a modern living room? This 2022 designers are betting heavily on the chaise longue, a piece of furniture that adapts to the size and shape of any living room.

The rest of the furniture (armchairs, sofas, puffs…) must revolve around it. In large spaces, a U-shaped layout is preferred. In the smallest spaces, the L-shaped distribution gains strength to make the most of it.

Camouflaged storage spaceTrends In Modern Living Rooms 2022

The living room is more than just a meeting point with family and guests; It is a leisure space. Therefore, it is necessary to have the necessary storage space for books, movies, music records…

However, in the modern living rooms of 2022, all the storage space is camouflaged behind doors that simulate the texture of the wall, or with opaque tempered glass doors, to hide the elements inside.

One of the great innovations for this year is furniture with sliding doors that completely hide the contents of the shelf. This allows to create a “cleaning” effect on the walls, and thus the room does not seem so loaded.

Marble coffee tables

Marble gains great importance in the decoration of modern-style living rooms in 2022, and not only for the walls.

Marble coffee tables add strength, especially if the decoration is simple. Oval shapes with a steel or wood structure are preferred by decorators, because they give it a unique touch.

TV on the wall with floating auxiliary furniture

Hanging the television on the wall has a great advantage: you can get a TV of the size you want without limitations. The surface of the furniture will never be a problem. In addition, it saves a lot of space.

What do you decide to add an auxiliary furniture for your entertainment equipment? Floating furniture is the best option, since it does not reach the ground and gives a sense of continuity and does not seem to take up so much space in the room.


Good lighting is vital in any space in the house, especially in the living room to ensure that the time you spend in this area is most pleasant.

In 2022, LED spotlights gain a lot of strength when it comes to decorating a modern-style living room, since they allow lighting only the area that is going to be used.

Another option that has delighted interior decorators is furniture with lighting to create a pleasant atmosphere in the room, especially if they have tempered glass on the doors.

The more minimalist the better

Do you want to make sure that the decoration of your living room follows the trends of 2022? In that case, try to make it as minimalist as possible.

Little furniture, straight lines and very simple decoration. If you want to have shelves and cabinets, remember that you can camouflage them and make it look like they are part of the wall!

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