How to celebrate the New Year 2024 according to Feng Shui to be successful

How to celebrate the New Year 2024 according to Feng Shui to be successfulNew Year 2024 is just around the corner. There are only a few months left before the main Russian holiday. In order not to think at the last moment how to meet him, you need to draw up a program in advance, study the features of the celebration of the New Year according to Feng Shui, in order to make it successful.

What should a holiday table look like?How to celebrate the New Year 2024 according to Feng Shui to be successful

An important element of the holiday is a table with refreshments. The symbol of the coming year will be the Tiger. This is an omnivore, so there are no serious restrictions on food, you can cover a festive dinner based on personal preferences.

According to Feng Shui, the table should have:

  • salads with bright vegetables;
  • poultry – chicken, turkey, duck;
  • berries and fruits;
  • plant food;
  • A lot of sweets.

Tangerines are a must on the festive table. In China, they are considered a symbol of prosperity and happiness. Another traditional dish is triangular dumplings. If you follow feng shui, they should be served in 2024 with soy sauce.

In 2024, it is worth giving up gourmet fruits brought from other countries.

If possible, alcohol should be removed from the table. Infusions on berries and cocktails with a small amount of vodka / cognac / rum are allowed. Before the chiming clock, the table can be “headed” by a bottle of champagne.

Table decorationHow to celebrate the New Year 2024 according to Feng Shui to be successful

To meet the coming year, the festive table must be decorated. The main color is better to choose red. The decor can be in white and gold shades. Good luck in the coming year brings black, so you can put cutlery, add napkins or towels in this color. It is also allowed to simply have a black ornament on the decor, appliances, dishes.

In 2024, the figurine of the symbol of the year, the tiger, must be present on the table. It should be placed in the middle of the table. You will also need to pay tribute to the water element. For this, dishes on the table should have a round, oval and even spherical shape.

In 2024, after the end of the celebration, dirty dishes should be removed, the table should be covered with a new tablecloth and a plate of fruit should be placed on it.

Preparing home decorationsHow to celebrate the New Year 2024 according to Feng Shui to be successful

How to celebrate the New Year 2024 without a fluffy beauty of spruce, if the process of decorating it has long been a special ritual? Before the upcoming holiday, everything should be done according to Feng Shui so that the coming year is successful, and each of its 12 months brings only happiness.

It is recommended to use balls and other accessories for wood in gold and red. In order to attract money to the house, you should hang on spruce branches:

  • large bills – real or not;
  • Golden coins;
  • gold bars;
  • signs of money of various states;
  • other jewelry related to finances.

For prosperity in the coming year, it is recommended to decorate the main tree with tangerines, sweets and gingerbread.

There is a special ritual for families who want to have a new addition next year. The child should take part in the process of decorating the Christmas tree. It can be both your baby and nephew, children of family friends. During the decoration of the Christmas tree, sincere emotions, happiness and love should be present.

To decorate the whole house according to Feng Shui, candles should be used. Each of the shades symbolizes something: green contributes to the arrival of health in the house, yellow – to receive positive emotions, red – career growth.

It is forbidden to use blue and blue candles. They negatively affect the atmosphere in the house, contribute to the appearance of apathy and boredom.

What to wear for the new yearHow to celebrate the New Year 2024 according to Feng Shui to be successful

Before the holiday, you should pay great attention to the appearance and choose an image according to Feng Shui. This is another important step on how to welcome the New Year 2024 to make it happy.

On one of the main days of the year, experts advise adhering to the following rules:

  • choose skirts, dresses, shirts and blouses;
  • clothing should be of a simple cut and style;
  • the image should combine light shades – white, beige, blue, pale pink, etc.;
  • bright colors should not be chosen for the New Year in 2024;
  • you can not wear clothes in which a person feels uncomfortable;
  • To complement the image should be a simple hairstyle and light makeup in a nude range.

For men, experts also prepared several recommendations. They should not choose cropped or tight-fitting trousers for a festive look. Absolutely loose clothing should not be preferred. The ideal “bow” for the New Year for the representatives of the male half of the population is a dark bottom and a light / white top.

In 2024, girls can choose knitted dresses and cardigans for their look, which will make the look more cozy and warm.

What to give to friends and acquaintances: ready-made ideasHow to celebrate the New Year 2024 according to Feng Shui to be successful

Each person is wondering how to celebrate the New Year 2024 in order to make it successful. If you follow the rules of Feng Shui, then the presents should be as follows:

  • items for the kitchen and home;
  • jewelry made of precious metals and natural stones;
  • electronics and household appliances;
  • certificates for beauty salons and shops;
  • wardrobe items.

An excellent gift would be a cutting board made of solid wood. It can be made in the form of a symbol of the year. You should also give cutlery, glasses, sets of plates, cups, etc.

It is worth considering a good quality bedding set as a gift, but in this case, great attention should be paid to the colors. It is better to give preference to monochromatic sets of red, black and white colors.

Citrus fruits should be added to the gift bag in 2024, tangerines are best, but others will do: oranges, grapefruits, lemons. You can also put unusual sweets, milk chocolates, etc.


In 2024, you can celebrate the Feng Shui New Year to make it successful. To do this, you will need to follow a few rules for decorating the table and at home. Bright colors can be used in interior decor. When choosing a festive look, preference should be given to lighter shades. It is also not recommended to wear clothes in which a person feels uncomfortable.

The Tiger will become the symbol of the year, so it is recommended to decorate the table and the Christmas tree with its figurines. Be sure to hang and lay out money everywhere. This will ensure well-being in the coming 12 months. A tribute is also paid to the water element: dishes of oval, round and spherical shapes should be present on the table.